Will complete inability of getting back into the game after a disconnect ever be addressed?

As we all know in every single game crashing out or disconnecting is going to happen. Frequency of it varies, but it happens at some point.

It can be the game, server, player’s connection or whatever else, but it happens.

Obviously not all issues can be dealt with, but what can be done is making it easier for players to get over that disconnect.

Game taking literally 4 mintues to start on high-end hardware is just embarrassing. Even more because EAC, the thing that makes the startup so slow is useless for it’s purpose.

Anyway, about the actual disconnects.

You drop 1 packet and you’re out. Not out of the match, server or whatever, but literally out back to desktop. And by the time you load back in due to horrible loading time, you’re done with whatever you were doing.

My connection is as good as it gets, but one time I had issues I was kicked out of the game right away. I checked it out and the connection dropped for like 3 seconds. Not even the stream I had on other monitor stopped, nothing. But Lost Ark is back to desktop. In other games, even the ones where connection and server stability is way more important you can lag out for a minute and still be in the same spot where you left off. With kernel-level anticheats.

Bugs? The dreaded item drag bug that’s been extremely annoying doesn’t only apply to items. I was in a PvP battlefield, tried to pull the second party menu to the left (which also can’t be saved, you have to do it every single time) and it got stuck on my cursor in the same way items get stuck. I couldn’t get rid of it, I couldn’t see shit and I couldn’t properly cast my abilities. Solution? There isn’t one. If you switch characters, when you go back in you’re kicked out of the game and you grief your entire team that has to play 10mintues 5v6 because you just can’t go back in.

Raids? Random disconnects or server drops that aren’t even the player’s fault? Say goodbye to your weekly entry. Every single day I see posts about people losing their Valtan ticket, proving they claimed no rewards and all they get is the generic “we don’t have a solution for now” response from CMs. Like what the actual fuck? It’s 2022 and you’re telling me you can’t bind the entry to rewards obtained? And that people which disconnect and the raid completes while they’re out can’t get rewards aftewards? That’s just fucking laziness, nothing else. It’s the most basic technology.

Chaos dungeon? 5 minute timer that usually serves no purpose when you’re playing is there just to fuck you over. Luckily I was on an alt, but I disconnected for no apparent reason today, first time ever in chaos and the timer obviously ran out before I could get back into the game, consuming resonance and kicking me out. Why is there a timer? What’s it’s purpose? Other than to screw people over if they get DC’d?

This game gotpopular out of nowhere and the archaic systems it has were never fixed even though it’s making Smilegate and now AGS mountains of money. Which is just flat-out embarrassing. We’re not talking about some indie game here, but one of the most popular MMOs.

If you get disconnected while doing anything in this game you’re completely fucked because you won’t get back into that content. Your teammates are also the victims because PvP match or raid gets ruined.

It’s obvious that no game is perfect and disconnects can’t be eliminated compeltely, but what’s exponentiall worse than those disconnects is that as soon as something happens you’re kicked back to desktop and it takes 5 minutes to load back in. That’s just unheard of in any other game I’ve ever played over more than 20 years.

Considering how much money people are pouring in this game we deserves at least some basic quality of life shit.

I know noone is going to read this, but I had to make a rant.

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