Will future content be nerfed after a week?

Will all Tier 3 content get nerfed a week after release aswell?

Im really worried. I started playing this game because i heard it has challenging endgame and seeing that the current endgame is already getting nerfed

there is really so many things unclear right now how it will be handled in the future that im not going to spend any money on this game anymore, who knows? next week you decide to nerf or change something again. please just leave it close to the original.

The skin censoring, where in my other thread i didnt get a proper reply.
The bot situation
The content nerfs 2 weeks after release
matchmaking issues
random disconnects that eat up your weekly entry ticket to abyss

i really enjoy the game but im really afraid that i might not after AGS is done changing stuff as they please.

Greetings @rav91,

We are so grateful to you for being a loyal player of Lost Ark, we really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Regarding the issue please check our latest post :

But don’t worry I have already forwarded this feedback to our concerned team on your behalf and they’ll look into it.

Again thank you so much for this feedback, I really appreciate that :blush:

We’ll see you in Arkesia!