Will future Marketing not be so bland? @CMS

Hey, Just wondering if we will ever get some color and roadmap imagines etc?

Lost Ark is by far my favorite game, I have been following all regions for about 4 years now.
I have always been so excited when new content is being release because they drop awesome videos, Information on the events and rewards with pictures and text, Some lore etc…

Just i dont understand how a casual player or someone looking for a new game is meant to be excited by walls of text? i guess? In this day and age it puts a lot of people off.

I have always loved the fun positive vibe on lost ark , The awesome trailers and website previews, things i know i can look forward to.

Just hearing the worlds Valtan Raid etc just isnt really much, The battle of the throne trailer came very late IMO, On that note…It is VERY VERY HARD to find the official lost ark channel on youtube, Is this just my algorithms??

This is just my opinion and im sure many are fine with the way it is, but id love to see us have more color , pictures, actual roadmaps etc like the other regions I am not even asking for an interactive website.

I will continue hoping for the best and staying positive, I am not here to be negative or toxic just really want the BRIGHTEST and must FUN future for lost ark.

Thank you for all your hard work so far and the updates you have provided, I am really staying positive and hope this feedback helps in a way…


Honestly i hope they do better marketing, looking at those videos from kr vs the ones from AGS it’s so sad we need more details and way more pics and videos explaining everything new.
For example look at what Kr got for their Neria’s dressing room

This is just soo good
And this is what we got so far:


The future is pretty bleak if they don’t release the booba skins soon, which most players want


That’s a proper website, not like a wordpress blog in NA

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Yeah, i think the marketing team from AGS its terrible haha, i’m pretty sure they can do waaaay better :c Just look at that website bro at the end part
They give you pics of the different ways you can dye it on some cool modeling poses


What, you don’t like their interpretation of “hype marketing”, “excitement marketing”? Are you not hyped or excited?

Anyways, AGS small indie company with no funds to divert to marketing. All that is left after funneling their revenue/profit into Bezos his failing Space Dildo company is a gif and a wall of text with a couple pictures like a blog.


Wow those look incredible…why cant they just copy paste from that at the very least…


@Roxx Hi are you involved with anything to do with stuff like this and feedback to marketing team? thanks! :slight_smile:

Welp please dont keep us the white label version of lost ark forever.

@Roxx any plans?

@Roxx I am also very interested and have made my own post similar…

I need all of these now ty


Korean website is absolutely amazing, even RU put more effort into marketing than AGS

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Yeah KR website it’s just top tier, it’s fun to see and smooth, i haven’t seen the RU version yet but ill take a look at it (We can hope ags do something similar in the next days before valtan /copium)

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so many cute little web events i hope we get some too


AGS is a smol indie studio. Even though they claim and defend the title of “Publisher”, they have simply dropped the ball in pretty much every way they could/can.

“Usually, the core difference between video game developers and publishers is that developers are responsible for creating the video game while publishers are responsible for marketing, sales, and PR of it.

It’s sad to see if I’m being honest, hopefully they take people’s advice and step things up like they do for the KR version. (a nice copy paste with translation would work just fine)

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I think they are saving all the marketing and hype for the big Artist release in June

Well, they should just say that then.

Instead of leaving us with this White Label boring no effort version.
Copy pasted new worlds site huh?
Then copy paste Lost Arks.