Will I be able to play on NA server from Russia?

I currently am staying in Russia and I know that Russian region has its own servers, but I don’t like to play there.
When the game releases in February, will I be able to register and play on NA servers, while still being physically in Russia and having a Russian IP address? Or will I have to jump through hoops like VPN, Proxy, etc?
I’m asking because here Mail.ru (that is the Russian publisher of Lost Ark) is known to make exclusive deals on MMORPG, forcing all Russian players to play only on their servers.
In other words, will the game be region-locked or not?
I don’t mind ping-related problems and I have no language barrier problems either.
I was thinking to buy one of the founders packs, but am unsure if I will even be able to play on NA if I do.

At this point in time the available regions are as below;

As mail RU is responsible for your region, the steam client will be unavailable for purchase or download.

Please read Steams ToS carefully as any attempts to circumvent the geographical restrictions to “purchase” the game may have consequences associated with it, such as account termination. IF however you travel to one of the listed countries and make the purchase legally, this might be the only option.

Hope this helps bud :open_mouth:

travelling to other countries isn’t enough. That is effectivelly what VPN does (they can’t tell a difference unless the VPN itself activelly tells so.

You would also need to switch Steam store to that country which is not automated process. You can’t switch it “temporarily”. Which is the part new Steam account created in that country/VPN is required.

But you still need to be “clever” about it as Steam tries as they can to prevent “frauds”.

Just playing a free to play game through a vpn should not be a problem on steam, but as Kova mentioned above, circumventing the geographical restriction to purchase things may be problematic, though I would not think they really care if you pick an expensive country.

You should rename the title of your post to, “From Russia with Love.”

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the fuck? play the RU server, is the superior choice no matter how you look at it, unless you have friends in west ark and they dont want to VPN to go the RU server.