Will i be able to purchase founders pack from amazon and play in Israel?


Wanted to know if I buy the founder pack through Amazon, will I be able to then add the steam key to steam in order to play in Israel, since I don’t see that Israel is on the regional available countries list.

If not, do you have any plans to add Israel to the list?

Thanks in advance.

When you purchase from amazon you get a steam key, you won’t be able to add this key to your account from a region that the game is not available in.

That’s too bad.
Well i hope you will consider adding Israel as well by that time.

Thanks for the quick reply.

You can view the full list of supported regions here. Regions not listed on the website will not be able to purchase and play Lost Ark through Steam. If that list changes, the team will be sure to announce that on their socials.

I don’t know if that is against the ToS or if it would work, but you could create a US or EU steam account, buy the game on it, and family share it with your original account if that’s possible - or not and just use the other account for lost ark. I don’t think they would ban you because you aren’t using this to bypass regional pricing but game availability.

It’s technically not allowed, but yeah, it’s not like frikkin’ Mossad will be knocking down the door if poster does it. People do it right and left to bypass this nonsense.