Will i be able to use my ark pass on my reaper?

Not just for reaper but im asking for summoners too. Do we be able to do that? Because in patch notes it doesnt say how long it will last.

If the dates of the pass coincide with the release date of the class, then probably a yes.

If im not mistaken last Ark Pass had a duration of 2 months (pleaes someone correct me on that if that’s not the case). So it shud be possible to get the rewards on your Reaper. However the rewards came in boxes so you can trade them within your roster.

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phew thanks <3

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the type of thread roxx would reply in

If it follows trend of ark pass 1, then you should be able to use both weapon and armor skins.

Generally all skins of a base class are wearable and transferable within the same base class as well. Like example if you got the noble skins from the 1st one and opened the boxes on a bard. If you later made a sorc or in a while make a summoner, you will be able to use those on that classes since its wearable by any of the “mage” base class.

Just save everything and you will be able to, the ark pass is around 3 months or more, it happened with destroyer (and also some people said with arcana but I can’t confirm it)

Ark pass weapon skins will work on future classes if they exist in korea

Ark pass season 1 updated for Machnist,

Ark pass season 2 reaper has one too

no reaper and no summoner and artist skins because they are not available in our game so they don’t have codes. @Roxx the Artist does not currently exist in our version of the game, so the functionality for the skins that are coming out now will not work on content that is not available and not yet in the code of the game. It is possible that we could re-run skins in the future when more classes come out to make them available.

It was 3 Months.

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Her posts says Artist only So since we are getting the ark pass before specialist class is out will we be able to obtain the skin when artist releases? - #32 by Roxx

Specialist is a brand new class/race

Summoner is apart of the mage family and Reaper Assassin.
Machinist apat of male gunner and the ark pass skins weapon and skin of course work for him

The Ark Pass also let you collect the rewards whenever you wanted. You were not forced to collect when it was available. So, you can hold off on collecting until after reaper is released.

Also, I am pretty sure the Ark pass is going to go until the end of year. My guess, it will not end until 12/28.

You can just store the rewards in roster storage for your reaper or summoner

i staked alot of the ark pass stuff in rosterbank and used them on all of my alts just buy it now and what ever you can hold in roster bank do it and dont worry about it
and my advice to save all tier 3 mats not use it for tier 1 or 2 if it didn’t come out with punika pass

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