Will i ever be able to play with my friends again

So the thing is i’m at 1355 and my friends got to 1370 and start to do orehas well hard and Argos
probably when i reach to 1370 they’re atleast 1385 so they can do phase 2 argos so we can’t play together unless i want to become burden and limit their rewards to 33% instead of 66% what they would get from doing the phase 2 argos without me and with the valtan around the corner i feel this trend will continue onwards. unless i suddenly become extreme lucky or start to swipe i feel like it is practically impossible to catch up to my friends with the way the game is atm. so any thoughts about should i just give up on this impossible dream to play with my friends and just accept the harsh reality to be forced to pug on my own pace until the release of the new content gets slowed down or some changes happens that helps us to be more relevant as a low spenders/f2p.

lol if you wanna play with your friends or what you call friends than i am oretty sure they will do it with you :wink:

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well they probly would but i feel bad for asking them to miss many rewards for weeks to come just because i had worse rng than them. it would make me feel like i drag everyone else down just because i’m “entitled” to play with you guys and that would make me even more frustrated to play the whole game…

Your friends are going to be running P1 again.

I don’t understand… Pretty sure I saw a CM clarify that you can get rewards from 1 phase per week, so your friends are still going to want to clear phase 1 Argos anyways.

Its the same with abyss dungeons, it’s 1 dungeon per character per week, they might have alts that they want to run with you on lower level dungeon. And people do run lower level dungeon for cards.

On top of that there’s an ongoing naruni race event, anyone can enter. Altho once per day feels bad but it’s still something you can do with friends. There’s also sailing co-op you can do with any of your friends. My friends and I always insta-invite each other when a sailing co-op starts because we know we’re chasing after the same sailing co-ops. Not to mention there are world bosses, islands, guardian raids that you can do together or get carried through.

how the argos reward system works is after you have cleared phase 1 you can either continue or claim the rewards it is a party vote. if you choose claim the rewards your whole party gets locked for that week so only way to do phase 2 is to play with those people who you got locked with and if am at 1370 i can’t continue to phase 2 so they can’t progress it and becomes locked to get only phase 1 rewards with me.