Will I get banned for using remote control application?

Hi Roxx, @Roxx

Recently I have to stay in company. Is it okay that I use some remote control software like ’ Teamviewer ’ to login the game from work? I can’t install steam on my working PC. Will I get banned for this?

Hi @galefoy, welcome to our forums! :sparkles:

I’m just want to share with you that there is no penalization or ban for using that tool to connect both computers and try to play in that way. I hope this information helps you and good luck with your job :wink:

Have a wonderful Tuesday. :leaves:

Thanks for the information!

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Depending on your workplace though, you might find out you’ll be in big trouble for using company network and machines like that…

Though if it’s just on your phone then they can only get mad at you for being distracted.

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