Will I get my boss rush back or is that system only for legion raids?

I have DC’d on entrance to boss rush and have got ticket for it but I dunno if your already in and have progress…I doubt it though

You should indeed receive a re-entry ticket. If you don’t get this in 24 hours, please reach out to customer support.

Thank you!

Yes you will. Same goes for Cube. I used x3 tickets and got a DC after few floors. The next day i got all 3 tickets back.

Got it back today. So awesome

So why the hell are chaos dungeons left without refunds? I have lost minimum 1 chaos dungeon a day for the past 3 weeks (not joking). If this DC/freeze thing is apparently a new feature that will be around for a long while since nobody can figure out how to fix it chaos dungeons should give refunds also

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