Will I get new pet drop from a different streamer?

Hey everyone,

I watched Asmon for 4 hours and claimed the fox pet on Kadan(eu central). I started playing at EUW after they opened and I am watching Annie for the other drops ( I need 16 hours for all drops I know that).

My question is, will fox pet will be available on my product inventory again? Or did I missed my chance to get it on EU west by claiming it on kadan? Thanks!

Well, no. But I’m really hoping that they change it so you can claim on the server you moved to. Because it’s really sad to lose the drops for a reason that wasn’t the players fault. I did creat another twitch account and rewatched the 16 hours, but couldn’t get any of the drops again. :confused:

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Thank you for the response it was a cute pet but sadly locked behind a 10 hour queue lol. But since they started giving us founder packs again maybe they will fix this too.