Will i still be able to get my platinum-founderspack compensation (2nd founders pack) once i can log in?

So since i couldnt log in for the last 3 days after i came home from work, i just wanted to know how i get my secound founders pack on a new server?

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ive signed in every day and ive still not got mine yet and wondering when we will be getting them


I’m looking for information on this. Everyone said 14th, yet nothing.


exactly… but it cant be the 14th since we couldnt log in i guess…

They didn’t say you’ll receive the 2nd pack on 14th.
You had time to claim your existing founders pack until 14th in order to qualify for the extra pack.

The extra packs they are sending out have not been given a specific date yet.

thx a lot i was kkinda worried there