Will July update also be "Mid July"?

Please don’t delay July update because of how late June update was released.

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The July update is still planned for July, but I don’t have a date to share since we’ve been focused on the June update for the past few weeks. That will be the next step


mid august my man


You are aware you indirectly shared your target date by mentioning how you extended the Express to the 20th of July, right? :smiley:


You know people will come back on this again when its august for the july update.

The team update better do some hefty explaining about wording used on these forums and the missing of every deadline.

“Focused” on the June update that is weeks late LOL what a joke


Time to stop swiping, stop expecting and moving on… what a shame…nothing but displeased players only…


Can’t wait for another mid-july fiasco, when the actual content comes out on 28th of July.

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If you are lucky :wink: u know what i mean?

I bet they will manage to deliver Mid july.

Mid July:


Yeah June is done next week. June and July roadmap when the June content is out on the 30th.
You guys gotta do better.

At this point might as well rename the roadmap to July August because we all know that’s gonna get delayed too. Cuz everything else has.

On the other hand. Thanks for handling the bot situation. It’s very nice.

maybe it will come out like all the updates of the month at the end of this month :slight_smile:

They didnt do anything… It just says to prepare for the next express. They could need 1 week to prepare. Who knows. Doesnt indicate whether it’s July 21st or July 28th

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i swear to god if anyone reads this as anything other than July 28th they are a moron


You’re as much of a moron for assuming july 28th than someone else would be for assuming July 21st lol. Neither of them are confirmed or set in stone. hell at this point July itself isnt even assured.

We’ll see what the calendar/event end dates are when they push it out on June 30th.

nah seems like class every 3 months now


my assumption is based on track record, my guy. Not hopium

It’s still assumptions. And they make an ass of you and … well, just you.

They have to do a personal version for you, coming july 2199…What ppl we have to read.