Will July update also be "Mid July"?

So you are not selectively reading how? They did not disagree that there was no date confirmed. They said that the devs themselves stated the patch was delayed and that the patch date can be extrapolated based on in game events.

-Dont worry, at the first week of july there will be people making posts about : “Omg it’s already July and we don’t have the July update yet”

July 2030 so you can go sleep for 8 years

Let me ask you this since you are a bit slow

Was there a date “confirmed”

Let me say this since you can’t read and probably can’t read this as well.
Did they say they disagreed with you that there was no confirmed date?
Does extrapolating expected patch date not make sense to you in any sense?

You see, you can’t answer a simple yes or no question because you know you are incorrect.

At the end of the day, there was no date confirmed.

Adding more irrelevant information doesn’t sway the fact that a date was never confirmed. Why would they disagree that there was no confirmed date if there was never a date confirmed to begin with?

Well considering you couldn’t answer any persons question why don’t you apply that to yourself first

Once again, can’t answer the yes or no question.

You Amber Heard?

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I did answer. You just cannot read. I said that there was no confirmed date multiple times in fact. Stop being an amber heard and just answer

There you go

No confirmed date. That’s all we needed to agree on.

And there we go again. You know you are wrong so you wont give an answer on why the DEVS themselves have stated the patch was delayed or how you can get the expected patch date.

This is playing chess with a pigeon when talking to you

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Yea I said it before and I’ll say it again you are just a SG/AGS boot licker there is no way to convince you because this company can do no wrong in your eyes. You talk about selective reading but the only thing you can understand from the context given to you is “NO DATE MEAN NO DISAPPOINT”. But that is literally what they want is to always be ambiguous on dates so inbreds such as yourself will fanboy and hang on to it and they can try to save face.

It’s an immensely basic strategy for dealing with the fact they will legitimately never be able to stick to a target date, but when mouth breathers such as yourself are here to soak it all in it seems to be the winning one.


July 28th is the last Thursday of July

I wouldn’t call it assumption. I get what you’re saying but in this case i think most people are using deduction on the way ASG has never hit there dates. And constantly go back on what they say.

ASG has failed at some many things . I’m still amazed that people defend them. I will give them credit for finally doing something about the bots. Still annoyed they haven’t put that honning loot box back in the store.

wdym 2July is mid july

At the end of the day who cares if it comes in July or August? Some of you act like your life depends on and revolves around a bunch of pixels. It will come out when it comes out. Try to act like an adult for once and insignificant things like this wont cause you mental anguish.


Where’s the problem even if they delay the update 1 or 2 weeks? I am not a white knight and i disagree with many of their decisions, but most of the players (including me of course) are greedy! We ask for everything and if we dont get them we complain, if we get 50% of what we asked we complain, if we get 80% we still complain! Valtan released like what 6-7 weeks ago? It’s not like you already got bored of Valtan because if that’s the case most of you will probably quit the game when we catch up to other regions!

Apparently some people sold their souls to devil so they could find this last ark!

Bad meme but ok

Late july or early August