Will KR Balance Patch get shipped with Valtan Patch?

Hey Amazon, I hope this forum post gets a lot of attention.

The KR balance patch is an important issue for NA players.
All the classes have been changed. Some changed drastically more than others.
To the result of this, everyone may have to consider different engravings, tripods, and skills.

This is a very nervous topic for many of us players on NA, the game has only been out for not even 3 months. Can you imagine spending so much effort and time getting to 1415GS, spending all your gold to buy engravings and tripods, only to find out the day of Valtan patch that EVERYTHING CHANGED?

I would like to call on Amazon for full transparency about when the KR balance patch will be implented into NA.

In my opinion, the KR balance patch would be better received if it came after the Valtan Content update.
There are 3 main reasons for this:

  1. The KR balance patch changes are based on metrics from KR content and gear. These metrics are based off of Relic/Ancient Gear 1500GS+ full 6-set effect players. NA does not currently have access to these thus such a balance patch would impact our NA server much more differently than the original intended effect meant for KR. Implenting the patch after Valtan, will at least ease some of the changes as we will have access to relic accessories and set effects.

  2. Dropping massive changes to every single class with NA’s first legion raid will force players to have to adapt in a very short amount of time, all the while trying to clear Valtan. This will lead to numerous complaint posts on the forums saying “this class is dead” or “valtan is too hard” or “game is p2w, only whales can adapt”.

  3. The average player base is too exhausted and pissed from complaining about honing and GS, a balance patch 3 months into server launch that makes them spend more resources and gold would push them over the breaking line and either torch the forums alives or ragequit and uninstall. =)

I hope we can get some clear communication from AGS and SMILEGATE about this topic for the NA server.


Your post seems to be very one sided from the perspective of a class recieving negative changes. If I’m a SS or Scrapper main, or if I wanted to check out Destroyer then I’d certainly want these changes to come with Valtan. To me, if we are going to be getting these changes anyway, I’d rather have them sooner than later to get a feel of how it affects my various characters and have the most time to get accustomed to it.


Did you even check the live patch notes for KR?

You’ve missed the point of the post, and tunnel visioned on the “my opinion” part.
However, I can entertain your opinion for a bit.

The people playing nerfed classes will have to adapt very hard.
The people playing buffed classes will also have to adapt very hard and perhaps even fight other players bandwagoning onto the class.

A f2p player in either scenario gets gutted and shafted very hard, in either case they will be weaker than whales or hardcore f2ps who have the funds to immediately adapt.

My opinion is simply, this is just a bad idea to make f2ps have to adapt on the day of Valtan patch.

In either case, I’m simply asking AGS to be transparent as to when will NA get the balance patch as thats a very important thing for us to know.

I completely agree that either way, I’d rather not be finding out the day before the patch but would you not agree that it’s better for us to unlock Valtan (and as such, Relic accessories) with the changes than potentially building up a new set of gear/engravings then, in the case of some classes, having to make significant changes to it a month or two later when they finally drop the balance patch?


@Roxx if you can let us know if we are getting the balance patch with the valtan update, i hope we do.

if the changes come with valtan it will be great, cause you just change to your relic gear with your new build.

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U can just ask this dude what class he plays and dont give HIS class their changes, give me mine, this dude does not speak for all of us, i speak for myself and all who play our class, give us our PTR update as soon as possible

Id hope it does because, correct me if I’m wrong, CM said we get the updated versions of characters when released. Itd be kind of silly to get the destroyer with his buff while other classes arent also updated at the same time, but it probably wouldnt surprise anyone if that actually happened.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the balance patch KR got was part one of a multi part balance pass, later parts will be even bigger changes to things like class identities. I suspect we might not get the changes until they are all in, but I could see it happening sooner.

Which classes require a sweeping overhaul to their engravings post-changes?

no relevant game makes double digit changes to a class but i guess skin sales where low on some classes and needed to create an initiative to main swap by killing other classes. not surprised considering its smilegate we re talking about

The balance patch was pretty poorly balanced on the test server initially and had drastic changes made to it. It didn’t get tested for long in that state and is probably still a mess. KR needs some time with it live to push for fixes before it ends up here.

All I just hope is that the Destroyer atleast gets released WITH the changes rather than without.

Not sure what kind of “massive changes” youre talking about.

The patch brings QOL changes much desired by most classes.

The patch slightly nerfed the top performing classes that are also top performing without relic sets here.

There are no negatives to the patch except your zerker, deathblade, sorc deals slightly less damage.

There are no major mechanical changes to currently released classes outside of deathblade.

TLDR: there are no massive changes that would detriment most players as you say

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i agree but releasing the “old” destroyer is not really a good idea , yeah the destroyers mains will keep their habits but the new gameplay is smouther. The most gameplay changes are on the destroyer and the soulfist and that’s a buff , so i think this is a good idea to release the patch. The whole gameplay of the destroyer is going to change , like we’ll can have 4 purple skills , no random on orb system , a taunt , buff for the group , and no perfect aim on the tripods you don’t realise is i guess.

OP is probably a db player xDDD
It sounds like u have to change every engraving, eq and more because of the patch but thats not true at all.
Most of the classes stays the same only the destroyers in korea have to change everything.
Even mayhem bers dont need to change anything after the nerf.

Only the people who plays for dmg and want always the strongest spec have to adjust everything always
if something changed

It makes sense to release it with Valtan Patch as it comes out with Destroyer so having that buffed will be insane as it was seen as a meme pre-balance patch. That and no matter when you drop it people will have to adjust, so better to just rip off the bandaid kinda thing.

Yes please seems like wardancer’s early game(by early game i mean like 1415) will be so much better

Destroyer will get released with the recent changes from the korean server.
It wouldn’t make much sense to keep the other changes away.

As a Sharpshooter main I totally want the changes asap, because they affect the engravings I will chose. Not having the changes when I need to get accessories means, that I will have to buy yet another yet when the changes finally come out on the STEAM servers.

In general, it just wouldn’t make any sense to release Destroyer with the changes from Wednesday, but not implement the other changes aswell.