Will Lost Ark EU / NA survive under Amazon?

If you play publisher and if you are backed by Amazon, a company that made 386.1 Bil in 2020, the playerbase will have certain expectations from you.

My question… How fuggin cheap can a publisher be to fugg up the launch of a game that is hyped since idk… 10 years?? ZERO work on development… do some localisation stuff and prepare enough servers and you can milk this cow for several years !!! So what in the world is stopping this multi-billion-dollar mothercompany to donate some fucking servers the the little shed where the amazon games team is locked in!!

its really mindblowing to me how cheap amazon is… and still… nearly one week after launch and 9 days after soflaunch, ppl get LOCKED OUT OF THE SERVERS by error 10027 before they can join the que that is on 5k already at 17:00, several hours before prime time!!! (5k que = aprox 1 hour wait…)

is it the strategy of amazon games to save money on servers? or what the fugg is the thought process behind this messed up situation… i cant understand it.

a frustrated lost ark founder

It’s not a server problem but software infrastructure of the game that not allow more server in one region. But why didn’t they create an another region for EU when they could expect as much player than New world ? This something else. And it is funny when you remember that ALL of the NA player base on forum was crying because they had a split region … So it’s not a question of money or server but a lack of faith in the launch in EU. The developer was expecting something like 200 k player, not 1M+ global. Now only time will help and a lot of work on there side.

i just dont understand how they could fail that bad in providing the propper infrastructure to perform a smooth launch… if they only counted the number of users of the biggest lost ark comunity discord for eu / na they would have seen that there are over 100k ppl in there month’s before launch… i would not even be that disapointed of this launch if it was not amazon on the name tag… you just know they have all possible resources to make propper research and build propper infrastructure…

The infrastructure is there. They just underestimated or ignored AGAIN the European player base. Europe should’ve had 2 regions as NA from the start. Not because of time zones but because it has double the population of North America. It is logical that more players will join from Europe, both paying and f2p players.

es lamentable , con la pasta que tienen y el tiempo que han tenido pa organizarlo

You are right, you don’t understand how server’s work and function. You also don’t understand that allocation of resources is something that takes time, not days. As for EU, boohoo. In all honesty EU “gamers” need to stop getting so angry, raging and act like adults, maybe touch some grass sometime during the week. The vast majority of the rage posts on this forum are EU and they all seem like they are written by pent up, sad, wild children who have terrible lifestyles and game 24/7.

As for AGS, I agree, they have made a mess as of late on launches, look at New World, that died because they had bot issues, gold duping and refused to wipe all data so people could play competitively and now the economy is screwed because nothing has value because of botted items/gear and mats. At least Lost Ark doesn’t have that problem, and bear in mind, they have a contract they can only open servers in certain regions so asking for one in X won’t happen unless they see it to be profitable and it’s within their publishing rights.