Will Lost Ark run on the Steam Deck?

did you already have a chance to test it?
if no, testing plans for the future?


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Now regarding your question, the problem right now is that the steam deck is not yet released, it has a release date for February, also the game has not been released either.
At the moment the information that exists is that it will only be exclusive to PC as it has been handled in its foreign versions. If it is considered to introduce the Steam Deck aside, we need to wait for an official announcement from the developers, since although the Steam Deck allows you to play your PC games on it, it is still a console, even when it allows the use of control.

But you can leave the idea in the Feedback section, which by the way is a very good idea.

Hope this has helped you!


Ticket Submitted.

i think it could already be running. since controller support is already in the game, i guess it could already be working without further work required on your side, only a controller configuration


We would only need support for the anti cheat. The developers would need to make sure it’s compatible with proton.

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I would assume they know that :slight_smile:

Actually this is incorrect. The SteamDeck is a x86_64 based PC as any x86_64 based desktop/laptop/tablet where Lostark can run without any issues. (It is not a console. It is a portable PC.)
Epic has posted simple steps to enable EAC to work on SteamDeck for any game. Will you be implementing this simple process?


Hi @Galadeon !

Thanks for the explanation, but again, we don’t know right now about that, first of all because both, the game and the SteamDeck aren’t launch yet and that’s information that at the moment we don’t have.
But as I mention before you can submit the feedback about this because is a good idea, the game already have control support so it could be a very good idea to have it there.

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Please!! +1 for proton linux support / Steam Deck

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Hi there

The feedback is appreciated but we don’t have plans for it, we’d let you all know if this changes.

Thank you for your understanding.



Pretty scummy to conveniently wait 2 weeks until after the launch to speak up on this. I certainly won’t be touching any of your products again. Do you like ants (pissed of linux users)? Cuz this is how you get ants.


@Stooh There are lots of dedicated Linux users that just want access to be able to play your game, When you say you don’t have plans for an easy set up it just shows that the team doesn’t truly care about it’s customers. Valve has stated that any games not willing to enable the use of Linux software for it’s users would be removed from their service, of which I hope that isn’t the case for your team. Fact of the matter is, there is a lot more Linux distro users currently and it looks like the statistics will show a 40% increase in the next 5 years. Game developers have already made plans to transition except Amazon.

I hope this information will be a bit of a deterrent from continuing to ignore the Linux/MAC gaming communities.

Have a good day.


Windows is dying(Thanks Microsoft!) Linux is THE future and gaming on Linux is already getting BIG!(Thanks to Valve)
You NEED to support Linux when ever you can!
and enable the EAC is now easy on Linux through Proton and Steam(again thanks to Valve!)
so get to it!!!
at this point you Dev’s are just being lazy!!!



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i posted a few videos on this topic and yeah would love to have it working on linux… Valve I hope you can find a way to bypass this so linux users can just play the game without EAC closing it… cause really i’m sure theres way to get us to play games that are using EAC i know developers are lazy and don’t give a crap about the gamer needs they just want money they dont even care about Europe look at the server mess over there its sad i feel bad for them… luckily im NA East and its been nothing, but good here for me if i use windows, but my other gaming pc i have uses manjaro linux and i’m using that box to test to see what online game works on linux via proton and for the most part none of the EAC games work and that sucks… i doubt even elden ring will work on linux either due to it using EAC … maybe we should go to the EAC page and just make the EAC support linux platform out of the box and problem solve.


You have to provide one single file for EAC support.
If you do that lots of linux users would play your game.
For what are you waiting?

One of your developers can do this while your dayli scrum :slight_smile:

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