Will making a new region even work?

The new region just doesn’t make sense to me.

People who are queuing already are committed to their characters, so they’re unlikely to leave and people who are fresh to the game who’ve played an MMO before know joining a overflow region is a trap as once the game settles down it’ll be the quietest region in the game.

This doesn’t help the queue or new players. Is there really nothing better that can be done?

It will only work if they give people a reason to swap over as I imagine a lot of people who live in Western Europe (particularly in the UK) would like to be on the region, but nobody wants to lose both their progress AND their founders packs/twitch drops. I know they are doing the mini-founders pack thing but that isn’t really good enough for a new region.

Also the longer they take to open the region the less likely anyone is going to want to move, with or without the extra stuff.

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