Will refunds also apply to people who bought the Shiba Inu Special Package too?

I bought the Shiba Inu Special Package yesterday, not because I wanted the extra stuff but because it was the same price as the standard Selection Chest, so why wouldn’t you get more stuff for the same price. If the standard Selection Chest was properly priced, I would have 100% gotten that because all I care about is the pet.

Roxx’s post mentions they’re issuing refunds for people who bought the selection chest but doesn’t mention the special package. I hope this applies to the people who bought the special package too because I doubt I’m the only person who went for the more ‘premium’ chest because it was the same price.

If someone could please clarify, it would be great, thanks


I doubt anything will be done.

In one of the posts I seen Roxx or someone from AGS said that the pricing was incorrect on the Pet Only pack, they also stated this item would be removed from the shop until they adjust the price to prevent people from buying it at 2400 when it should be 1300.

With that said, it was not removed from the shop at all, it is still there at 2400 crystals and I just bought the pack with the extra useless stuff because why would anyone buy the 2400 pet that doesnt have blue crystals or a wallpaper etc when you can get the extra stuff for the same price.

It should have been taken down. Idk how something like this would even make it live.

I wouldnt get your hopes up though, if you claimed any of the items from your product inventory your prob out of luck. Even if it was sitting in your product inventory they prob wont/cant do anything.

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I’m not looking for a full refund. I’m looking for the same partial refund they’re saying people who bought the pet selection chest would get. It would be naive for them to think people would ever intentionally buy the chest for the same price knowing it has less.

If they refuse the partial refund to the people who bought the special chest, they are inadvertently forcing people to spend money on items they never actually wanted.


Like I wrote in a other Thread with same Topic:

When yo saw the prices why you didn’t think about that smth could be wrong there and just waited till it get changed before buying the obvious more expensive pack. It where always so 2,4K RC the big and 1,3-1,4K RC the normal one.

You’re misunderstanding the situation. They’re offering partial refunds, not full refunds. And if you think for a second that the onus is on the customers to make sure prices are right before spending money I couldn’t imagine what the rest of your online purchases look like.

Every time you see a deal you assume it’s the wrong price lol? Do you just sit for days before picking something up?

How people defend AGS for the most basic competencies is beyond me.


No normally I just buy too but if I see 2 different packs with other stuff inside (1 only pet and 1 with extra stuff) for same price THEN I think there is smth wrong and I wait. What is the problem on waiting one day? Or does your life end if you don’t get it first minute after release?

Mistakes on the side of Publishers can happen is this your first MMO? In every MMO I played something like this happened sometimes.

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The answer to this issue isn’t telling people to think about why AGS did this. The point is they messed up big time with the pricing and as a result, have people buying things they otherwise wouldn’t have paid for. There should be compensation for their mistake and people who bought the package prior to the pricing announcement should be given the same compensation.



Not really in my opinion. The Pets or Skins are nothing what makes you stronger so if you see that a pricing is wrong (and for the Inu pack you saw it that there is smth wrong) you could have waited.

Just to make it clear again: I also wanted the Inu Pet saw the wrong Pack priced and said for myself „that have to be wrong“ then I looked into Forums to make a Topic about but there’s where already some so i was sure it is wrong so I didn’t bought and just wait.

You genuinely believe their error is our responsibility? You know we’re customers right, we’re not partners or sponsors or suppliers. Stop defending it, you know you’re wrong.

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since they are giving refunds can i get a full account refund and i’ll just never touch the game again?

deal AGS?

You’re entitled to your opinion but the logic behind it isn’t sound if you think one deserves compensation and the other doesn’t. It’d be one thing if you thought both sides of things didn’t deserve it but that isn’t what is being argued. AGS has disgruntled customers on both sides due to their mistake and both should be treated equally.


Hey AGS I payed in April some $$ now it’s cheaper can I get a refund because you changed prices?

And? Humans makes mistakes or do you never do one?

It’s nice that they refund now for the People who bought the Selection pack the RC they paid too much. But for those who bought the big one not.

The big pack includes Blue Crystals and more Stuff. I personally don’t know how they could remove the Blue Crystals and the other Stuff.

they need to provide compensation for the inconvenience.

I’m in the same boat, in that I bought the special package simply because the price was the same…buying the other one would have been pretty dumb.

That said, I don’t really expect any kind of refund. I understand economics. The actual value of something is what someone is willing to pay, and I obviously was willing to pay it.

Of course we were willing to pay for it, we paid for it. And this wouldn’t be a conversation if they didn’t come out and say there was an error on their part.

Both of us are in the situation of had the other chest been priced appropriately, we would have bought it. But it wasn’t so we got more value because why not. Now, we’re in a position where we’re being forced to spend royal crystals on items we never wanted because they made an error.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’d be thrilled if they did do something to ‘make it right’ for those of us in this particular position. Especially given that our purchase was specifically caused by THEIR error.

I’m just saying I’m not going to lose any sleep over it if they don’t. While it was caused by their error, I still take responsibility for the fact that I made the actual purchase decision.

I really understand you but on the other side you got blue crystals and everyone know how expensive they are to get with Gold. Only the Wallpaper is a thing I could think that you don’t need it.

At the moment I don’t know the Prices Ingame the Pet Only is now (when fail will be removed) 1,3k RC? How much Blue crystals you get with the RC difference on Both Packs?

May then you can ask to get the Wallpaper removed for that amount of RC. Asking is free.

But if they say no the WP looks pretty good in my opinion.

Honestly… when I saw the prices I assumed AGS was pushing to get people to just buy the BC pet pack bc of the price of BCs lately.

I didnt think it was an error bc its something so simple.

My thoughts at the time:

“Oh thats weird, why are the same price? Well I only want the pet but AGS must be just including this extra pack with more items to give people a deal and some extra BCs”