Will Scouter come with a new super express?

just as the title saying…or the new class will be updated before the end of this express.


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why are u so sure for it?

Otherwise they would have announced it.

Powerpass is in cash shop when they unlock it again

They will not provide that info until we get closer to the date. They DID state that NOT EVERY class will have a pass associated with. Dont anticipate one. We DO know it will not come BEFORE 9/28 when teh current pass ends, that is a 100% certain. That was clearly stated when the recent patch came out that no new advance classes would come with the 2 current passes.

no, probably new class will be released on September 28

Unless they now extend the current pass due to it being disabled for use by everyone currently (and has been so for a week-ish)
Which would then mean anyone who has already used it gets screwed as they won’t be able to use it on scouter.

Its doubtful that the powerpasses will be disabled for 2 months. Even another week or 2 still gives a LONG time that the current passes are available. Hell the express pass can be finished in like 3 days tops

Well 28/9 is the last wednesday of september, so if it doesn’t come in that exact day it won’t even be september.

No but what i’m saying is it’s been disabled for a week
therefore you would expect they would extend it by a week to compensate for it being disabled

You can finish it in 20 minutes

Look at the login rewards, “We couldn’t login for 20 days in a row to get all rewards”
Ok we’ll extend it by a week for you as you missed 2 days.

apples to oranges though. The current passes would be available for roughly 9 weeks. Even another week or 2 off still gives 7 weeks for you to use the pass. The LATEST login calander had 0 spare days hence why they exteded it a week. They wont push the pass dates forward for as long as they are available for.

If the pass was only available for say 3 weeks then sure it could get pushed. But for 8-9 weeks availablity, not happening. If the passes came back next week, you have no excuse for not using the pass in the next 7 weeks.

maybe we dont know, but is probably, will be on “mid-september” 28/09/2022, that will be the date of the scouter release,
The current express pass will be end 28/09/2022 before maintenance, so we will see

I didn’t have time to touch the card, it’s already gone😅

Even when passes or patches got pushed back, the ENTIRE patch got pushed back. So even if they extended the pass beyond 9/28, doesn’t mean the patch would come out 9/28 then, it too woudl be pushed back. But we know 100% certainly that scouter will not come out during this current express pass and punika pass period as stated directly.

better come with hyper.

You can’t really push it back past september 28th and still call it september patch, even though it’s already more of an October patch being released that late.

i learn the news that they will update new class every 2 month, so i plan that give this express to new class because i dont like the Arcanist and other elder classes. But I am not sure that Scouter will come before the end of this express

nope dont think so but i hope for at least punika pass

It will not, quote DIRECTLY from the CMs, NO NEW CLASSES will come out during the current Punika & Hyper Express. You will NOT be able to use either current pass on scouter.