Will scrapper get nerf?

I want to create an scrapper in the next coming power pass and make it my main, as she is the strongest class in the game, but iam afraid a she will get nerfed as a lot of ppl are talking about this class.

Dont be a meta andy and just play what you want


for sure everything gets nerf and buff eventually

God, i wish i were a meta andy when i created my class

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i never seen control glavier getting buffed, and she is pretty bad

Dont worry, scrapper will allways be good. It was great in t1 and t2 and its great now. Game is balanced around her

We’re in the middle of promised balance patches. If you really want to be a meta andy, wait for a while

You need to take in account that balances are made for chars 1600±. So some might have better performance now but lower with higher ilvl and not that good scaling. And others the other way around. Might be underperform now but later will be POG.

nah its the most balanced class if anything other class will get buff

what do you mean the game is balanced arround her? o.O

People just repeat bullshit they heared in the internet. Before game release and all tier lists it was common to say that shit for no reason, same as “game respects your time” “game is alt friendly”.
They just parroting without having any idea.


i actually experience scrapper overpowerdness.
I did a valtan fight where the scrapper died in the midle of the fight and got mvp with 22% dmg

sure, but i wasnt talking about scrapper being op or not :slight_smile:

edit: was talking about: “game is balanced around scrapper”

If it was, she wouldnt be buffed last patch in the first place :clown_face:

Scrapper is overpowered? :joy:


Scrapper wasnt really buffed last patch, just given more qol, so you dont need to use charging blow for every combo.

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Not overpowered, just Godlike :innocent:

Yes it is worth it only if you take it to 1445 where it is really strong taking mvp every time

I want to play the class because it is the strongest, but I am afraid that it will be weakened.

hahaha good joke, what do you do when it is adjusted 2 weeks later? delete the class?

meta andy

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I expected a thread like “scrapper loses vs 100 mil surge deathblade”.

Gotta agree, scrapper isnt op at least in our current state of the game, balanced yes

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