Will something happen to those people or nah?

He is advertising for 3 weeks straight that he sells pilot carries for inferno baltan…

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Kek. It’d be funny if it turns a scam too. Imagine letting someone else know your username and password lmao

Apologies for my ignorance, but I am hearing a new term today that I think I understand based on context, but want to double check:
What are ‘pilot carries’ ?


Using share screen program to play on behalf of someone else account
you can just ignore this topic and take care of bots and other more importent things first

Someone else plays on the account either by logging in or using something like Parsec to play for them.

For the context, this guy is selling on EUC server. Also they’re selling for real money, not golds 99% sure.

Pilot is like a bus but its faster cause instead of taking bus (public transport poor people yuck) you taking personal jet aeroplane to be super fast for the carry.

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its account sharing which as opposed to bussing is against ToS and they ban for that in KR.

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He login into the account of the buyer and play for him

From what it sounds like, this is not only against Code of Conduct and should be reported via in game reporting for our Game Moderation team to review, but also highly dangerous.

I know I don’t have to say it, but please don’t ever give your account information to another person. Not only is it against TOS and Code of Conduct, but it is also bananas level risky. Using a third party system to allow a person to control your PC is even more dangerous. Please don’t let people do this and report the people who are advertising that they do.


Bananas are healthy though :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean I don’t want to be the negative one to point out that we report people pretty often for this and other similar suspect activity and the accounts just keep on keeping on without much action.


i like this, yall should stop farming bananas on punika its risky you might go insane

We’re not talking “ooo, getting my potassium in for the day” bananas.

We’re talking “this. is. bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S” bananas :rofl:


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They are CM staff, they do not have any duties pertaining ingame moderation, Bot detection, development etc, so stop taking it on them.

These nameless, faceless people that are being reported to sure seem like they don’t give a fuck. LOL

wat the hell’s the point of playing game then, its not like it gives some critical piece of gear like inferno cape

To be fair the moderation team is taking so long to do something about it that after seeing the same people everyday doing this I’m getting starting to feel reluctant to report them as I’m starting to feel some sort of connection.

You know, some of these people are advertising and getting reported for longer than some of my friends played the game.

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