Will straight-to-T3 boosts be available with new classes?

As more classes are coming, I would like to know if we will be able to purchase boost directly to T3 content? I mean, will we be able to skip T1 and T2 completely? I would pay real money for that. I hate grind and leveling.

You hate grind but you decided to start playing a korean mmo :smiley:


Yeah, and that’s their business model. Selling convenience boosts for people like me. I accept that and want to play that game.

Yes but the game is grindy even at t3 lol and will be even more grindy once new content gets here??

I should have said I hate grind, but what I hate even more is repeated grind. I already grinded T1 and T2 without boosting, as that is still bearable, but not all over again. Fast clicking through quest stories is incredibly exhausting and the opposite of fun.

And please, stop posting off-topic in my thread. I asked a question and you’re not answering it. You’re just trying to say there is something wrong with me. So get off.


No I just found it funny how you say you hate grind and want to skip all content except for absolute endgame, which wont happen

but why not :wink:

maybe not straight boost.
But the game is made so when higher tiers come out the lower ones become much easier to get (catch-up to).



Is this just envy or an attempt to offend me?

Bit of both, back to topic at hand.

Will we get boosts or the option to purchase a power pass at new class launch?

ehm u have the research from ur stronghold … the 2nd char is alot easier already… no need to buy a boost + u can literally stockpile mats