Will supports need 5x3 and vital hit point for Brel?

Just wondering if Brel will require 5x3 on supports and vital hit point for extra stagger.

I am clearing clown fine at 4x3 and no vital hit point but I did have to add stagger runes.


The more you have the more helpful you are, but you won’t be required to 5x3 with VHP to get invited or clear the content.

Just like all the other Legion Raids as a few weeks pass and everyone gets comfortable with the Gates what each player needs to bring to the table will get less and less.

Knowledge in LA is more powerful than engravings


vital point is argueably the best engraving besides class for a support

its just cringe when I see Paladins run around with Heavy Armor and no Vital Point


Someday the engraving system will get updated so supports can ran more than just the 2 mandatory

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I run VHP2 Judgement 1

It’s nice for the extra meter gain

if u want to run pally on meter gain just go magick stream LOJ. it far outclasses judge 1 and u don’t need to do the weird x1 + x2 build

yeah magick stream is always at least 3 stacks for me and pretty consisntely full stack since all the content currently its super easy to dodge

expert, blessed, vhp, magick stream, awakening easy choice imo as pala

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It’s usefull when you still want to run with a couple of deadge people, because it allows you to still perform stagger mechanics even with deadge people, that’s especially true for G4 and G6.

But if you plays with THESE people that instantly press restart button (and everyone instantly accept) whenever a single pepega dies, then who cares at this point …

No, but if you are serious about your support i would atleast get 4x3+2

But tbh most players are gonne be desperate for supports and i doubt you have a issue going in without good engravings


Seem to be the play for Vykas hard and beyond lmao

One dies instant restart

Vital point hit is just useful for the stagger burst in Gate 5, other than that it has no utility if all 8 players are alive anyways

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Good to know tyty

Drops of ether is better. You don’t really need high stagger as a support. Just bring ww grenades and you’re fine.

All 4 of my pallys are VHP+Heavy Armor ready for Akkan hard lol just go heavy and vital and you will be set for all content. Anyone who doesn’t run Heavy Armor typically dies more randomly or doesn’t play support. Been on this heavy gang since release. Literally have never died in a raid ever super nice.

Do not get drops nobody will pick them up and 80 percent of them land on top of you.


Warriors have high defense, i would never tell ppl to run heavy armor on a pally.

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as long u have the main 3 engravings u can go what ever for the other 2

A suppport?

You just need 1490. Even if no engravings and no gear, I dont see a reason why you have problems finding a party :smiley:


Because you probably don’t play supports or understand the concept of what being alive means. But we are allowed to have our own opinions.

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I run Heavy Armor not to save myself, but to not have to care about myself while I am saving other Turnips

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On bard sure, on pally nop.
Pally doesnt have to jump in the fight to shield or what ever its all ranged, if you dont feel convident to play without feel free but having it on pally 100% is not somting that is considered good
But sure i dont play supports :rofl: