Will supports need 5x3 and vital hit point for Brel?

Check Korea paladins…all 1590+ pallys run HA lol. It’s a safeguard. Why you would pass that up is beyond me.

at most they run HA 1 because they are in a 5x3+1 setup and even then most dont take it, so idk what loawa you use but not the same

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running HA means you have a skill issue. The only reason supports would run HA is its not as bad as a dps running HA (missing an engraving). But if youre equally skilled as your dps, your dps will be dying first/running out of pots before you ever will meaning ur HA is pointless. Whats the point of staying alive if your dps are likely gonna die first in prog anyways

survivability on paladins who are tanky enough is literally useless. Theres no point being the last person alive

the thing vph doesn’t allow for is solo paladin stagger on m4 solo both levers and no wei.

I can do it on my gunlancer → do both levers then solo stagger on m4 but when I tried on paladin i didnt have enough stagger even with vph.

So rather not run vph if its useless for those clutch situations.In current content only thing vph does is save a ww grenade


Buff necro so I can be a minion master. :cry:

1535 pally here, 5x3. Vph and drops, never died in raids either, i pot only when i skip curse on kakul g3. HA on support is a silly selfish engraving. If you need it to stay alive it’s a you issue.

I don’t even play support and I’m not going to start in my dying days of this game but wouldn’t it be reasonable to start with HA if you’re new to the playing support shtick and swap to something else once you’re accustomed to the gameplay?

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its fine if its purely as an alt and you’re unsure of mechs. But in a serious prog group its barely justifiable since ur dps will die first before you assuming you’re all equally skilled. You’ll be the last person alive with or without HA (from chip damage)

Now if you’re equally skilled and support is the squishiest/you die first, then yea HA may be valuable. Since a support alive keeps dps alive longer. But thats not the case in this game

No, paladin is tanky even without it. Never used it, never will.

Fair enough argument. I was just thinking from a non-support player perspective, thank you.

Just get the 5x3 dont be a cheapo. At this ilvl i expect supports to actually start investing. It is not as expensive to get 5x3 on a supp. Do it sooner rather than later since when artist releases gearing a supp will become that much more difficult. (Bard main here)

I mean anything besides awakening is a silly engraving. Non of the current engravings offer anything remarkable for a support class. If your group is good they don’t need anything the engravings supports usually carry outside of just hitting your dps buff :rofl: .

People only rock 4x3/5x3 cause its the thing to do thats the way lost ark builds work even when engravings are garbage for supports just gotta fill those slots so people don’t gatekeep etc etc.

Idk how support players here or kr can be happy with the current engraving situation and arn’t pushing sg to make it more interesting.

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to add on to this it’s actually relatively cheap as support to get multiple “types of 5x3”. I don’t even run expert or awakening 12 as a book

I run class and my 5th engraving as the 12. Expert/awakening is done through the accessories.

Then I have one accessory that I swap out alongside the legendary 5th engraving book with +3 on that 5th engraving. That why I have the option of switching between drops of ether, explosive expert and magick stream. I could probably also add in HA as an option to swap between but I would never do that

Even at multiple 5x3 builds it’s 5-6x cheaper than a dps 5x3

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Nah HA is the way I don’t even accept a second support in our raids unless they have it haha. Gate keeping at its finest. Typically only good supports run HA so less chance got poo poo supo and if they do end up being bad less chance they die.

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It’s also 5-6x less efficient and impactful than a dps being 5x3

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yea but at this point once your dps is 5x3 there’s nothing else they can do engraving wise. So the only min maxing really is for the support to min max 5x3.

My supports and dps are mostly ready anyways (bis card sets are done, etc.). Can’t really min max further at that point aside from just improving your own gameplay/skill

yea you can gate keep the supports that way and your dps end up dying anyways while your supports live regardless of whether they have HA or not :clown_face:

The day 5x3 is required for a raid is the day that the already small support main population gets cut down to about 5% of what it is now

The irony of this statement… xD

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We’ll I main a support for almost every raid so it’s extremely easy finding the other one especially when you create your own groups. No issues for me ha.