Will supports need 5x3 and vital hit point for Brel?

It isn’t.

you dont need as paladin heavy armor xd
just dodge stuff and dont tank everything then you survive longer.

You could argue the same for the DPS and why would you need a Supp?/ Heals?

Bare in mind Supp have poor mobility unless you want to sacrifice team buffs

Supports will get in brel hard with 2 engravings and everyone will jiss their feet for it.

poor mobillity? are bard and pala not swif classes?? You walk with max movement speed D:
And you dont neet to be in front of the Boss for your buffs and shields…

pls dont compare DPS with SUP classes thats a bit silly

movement skills, get out of jail skills. You want to use Charge, sure but you lose a skill for healing/buff/meter gen. Bard has next to no skills for movement to escape those mechs last minute.

Why not compare Dps and Supp? Your suggesting Healers can just dodge, the same can be said for DPS who face tank because they expect the Supp to carry them. Meaning less heals for others.

If your Healer is on the Floor POV or dodging all the time or running, they are not going to be healing you.

How about during Kunge Prison mech, my Bard Rhapsody of light can save everyone in my circle while they can continue with Dps, but if i chose to run and leave you in there, HP loss.

you say Sup dont need to be in front, how about for counters? you expect a back attack DPS class to counter then?

Have you played a Support or are you just assuming?


Bro can you go back to my post read it carefully and then come back…

You put things in my mouth that I have never claimed or said to begin with.

I said you dont need heavy armor on paladin… paladin has one of the highest armor values…so his reasoning for taking HA with him just doesn’t make sense.
Thats why I said “just dodge stuff and dont tank everything”…if you need HA on paladin…

like others have said, I don’t need HA to keep me alive, I need it to keep you alive during mechs.

Got a mech coming up, see you kissing the floor with dodge in CD, Guess what? Instead of dodging I tank it and reduce your HP loss because I have more Armor than you

I think we all have our own opinions on what an ideal Sup build is and it seems we won’t agree on this one

I think you need to differentiate Supp for pugs and Supp for well oiled premades, the latter of course may not need HA because everyone knows their role and likely will not need much heals. For example in my statics, I hardly need to heal with my bard and use the 3 bubbles for attack before going into awakening for a small heal.

however with raids that noone is familiar with, such as Brel, you will be glad they have HA

For the vast majority, Pugs is something we will all encounter, especially those who face tank because they have a Supp and complain they still die

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lol no man they will even take supports of 2x3 mayb anyway 3x3 with the essentials is enough. no one cares if you use heavy armor as long as you dont die and you shouldnt need it anyway as you armor should be close to 100 quality for better shields. on bard you can easily have 150k hp. better to take drops of either lvl 3 instead of heavy armor and mayb magic stream as 5th so you can shield more or either vital hit. but all that is optional.

didnt you learn ? You dont need those overkill insanity ppl say u need for raids.

could probably beat brelshtraza 3x3 no problem.

Not to even mention people will overgear with gear score, gems and tripods

With the amount of Brel ready support, we will be begging 3x3 supports to join anyway :rofl:

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yet people who are 1490 + still fail Clown, over gearing and just eating mechs are different things

used express on my pally and got him to 1500 swift 4x3 expert, awakening, blessed aura and vital point hit.

The total cost pheons aside was 8k gold. The wonderful part about 4x3 is that with relic gear you don’t really need perfect acessories, my neck has +5 expert and decent quality, nothing else. And in my opinion thats more than enough for content.

I would disagree, my fully specced bard 4x3x2 is rejected from lobbies for clown because no title. Irony is when I do join, it is they the title holders who cannot do Marios or mechs

Supports need exactly 3 engraving(Awa/Expert/Class) and nothing more. Above 3x3 is just plus.
If you are a paladin, the 4th engraving should be Vital Point and thats enough for Brel.
I cringe when I see a Paladin with Heavy Armor.

Interesting, all my dps 4x3 where so cheap compared to my bard alt 4x3 haha

Title don’t mean anything in clown g3 lmao

Literally watching multiple full groups of titled players dyeing for hours and hours before I was the last one alive to clear bingo…

Had to carry them on my first clear? lol

it did mean something

but now we are in week 9 or so of clowns and you have a lot of people with the title but not really experience. just like you can get jailed for hours in vykas normal by title groups now because even the people who only took busses have the title.

2 weeks ago or 3 weeks ago, every title group was usually one-shot or close to.

Sounds like your bard is just bad and needs HA anyways.

I don’t tank everything on my support because it either knocks you down or gives meter of some kind which is just annoying.

Im big fan of Kanima and 2 days ago I specifically asked him this same question…more to confirm cause I know im right and that top KR support play with HA although not all but MOST do and its not about what inven says but the supports HE play with…

And what da fook is wrong with tanking patterns as a support while healin AND buffin at the same time?? I want that shit you smoke boy…you high as hell man

I’m sorry to break it you…but you need te get out under that rock of yours xD