Will the AGS Lost Ark have the rights and the intention to make their own Avatar/Skins/Cosmetic Itens?

I just want to know if the Amazon Games will have the rights and the intention to make their own Skins and cosmetic itens to better suit the Wester taste or we will deppend exclusively on skins and avatars and costumization itens from the KR release.

Iam just curious about it, on how much AGS have the rights to tweak the game and implement different features from other realeases (KR,RU,JP).

the northern lawmaker avatars are clearly made with the western audience in mind. Pretty sure there will mostly be KR avatars, since they already have so many of them ; but I think there will be a good amount of western ones as well (the twitch ones , for example; or even some new ones in the shop)

I hope Amazon games cant touch anything beside running the servers.


If New World skins are anything to go off of, then I’d prefer Smilegate be the ones designing all the avatars. Let’s just hope we get all the Korean skins and not have the more revealing ones mysteriously left out. More choice is always better as long as the quality remains the same.


unfortunately it seems that Amazon can alter the game, since they made all those unnecessary changes to NPCS that is in line with all the other stuff Amazon does(Prime Series etc). At the very least they will censor some of the outfits if they dont completely remove them.

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