Will the changes affect Abyss Trials?

For the people who don’t know what I am talking about, Abyss trials are tier 3 content that reintroduce old Abyss dungeons to the game, they are weekly roster bound gearscore synced content that are on a 2 week rotation including both tier 1 and the yorn abyss dungeon. They are supposed to be challenging.
Due to you only mentioning Achates to be not changed in Guardian Raid Trials I fear that you do intend to have those changes be a thing on any other guardian in trial and also have those changes be a thing in Abyss trials.

I played this game for over half a year already and noticed that things in tier 3 are already very very nerfed and I am certainly not the only one, please I am begging you to not have those changes be placed in abyss trials, it would ruin the fun for many people playing this game, and we would certainly know that you will touch legion raids in the same way, you will simply ruin the game and cater to a very small audience that has a low player retention.

@Roxx if this is not the case or you haven’t thought about these problems, please give us an answer so likeminded veterans of your game can have a piece of mind and are not scared of having their beloved game ruined that they have been waiting on for years.

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who knows AGS are dumb in game understanding that they might remove all difficulty and make it so you enter and instantly win.

Legit casuals are the death of any game period.

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stop crying in your basement

lol ok bro nice assumption.

Hello not so bright one, it’s smilegate that is doing the nerfs, not ags. AGS is only the publisher

Funny how wannabe tryhards hate on casuals without realizing they’re the backbone of a game, not the death.

If there’s would be no casuals, the market is dead, therefore you can’t advance. If there were no casuals getting random green books, you’d be paying a fortune to get them from the few hardcore players that do have them.
If there’s no casuals, then there’s nobody for you to be “better than”, you’d only compare yourself to other hardcore players… and more often than not, the ones hating on casuals are actually the “casuals” among hardcore players.
If there’s no casuals, you’ll start crying dead server in 2 days and leave(and that really is the death of games)

Although I wouldn’t expect any intellectual prowess from someone starting their sentence with “Legit”, I’d expect any gamer to know that casuals are the backbone of any game. They’re the ones that create the environment for non-casuals to thrive and excel.

are you silly, AGS sends the feedback to SMG

Right which is why the game is somehow doing great in their main region with the challenge still existing?

WoW’s not doing so great after catering to casuals. Others have even seen past MMO’s not do so great because of casuals being catered to.

Souls games are still thriving with the challenge.

It’s like so many examples exist of games still doing great without being catered to casuals.

And aren’t you being the elitist here too by stating that you don’t expect “intellectual prowess” all from me saying the word ‘legit’.

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So you are saying the feedback that Amazon sends to SMG got zero impact on the game? Who decided than to bring blackwashing in to the game or censor costumes?

I’m not being elitist towards you, I’m being condescending :wink: But again, I wouldn’t […]

And yes, games can thrive… like dark souls with 15k peak players in the last 30 days. That was a very good example :joy: If you would be bothered to look up before making such claims, you’d see that casual-friendly games are THE highest grossing games, trumping hardcore games without any sliver of comparison.

Also, this is not about taking the challenge out of the game… there were a few pieces of starter content. Ags did say things like



So taking the challenge out of the game is out of the question

like dark souls with 15k peak players

yes because ppl are gonna play dark souls when the latest soulsborne game exists?

you’re totally smart, and even smarter to realise how condescending is totally not under the branch of what is considered elitism.

and we weren’t even talking about what is highest grossing etc, simply if the communities still thrive, which they do.

And your argument is poof again anyway, since the top games with large communities in the millions are games which are hardcore. i.e. PUBG, fortnite, Crossfire. Even with high grossing games going with your digressed point, there are games that are hardcore too.

Also no that simply is a PR stunt by AGS to make it seem like they won’t touch T3 at all, the main crop of this game and the reason for the challenging content but yeah I totally can’t wait to see them nerf it and make it pointless. If you honestly don’t think AGS has enough persuasion power to switch the demographic to sth completely opposite of the game’s purpose, then that’s laughable.

Oh, so people just quit darksouls because the new one got released, right? Oh wait, that’s yet another completely ~redacted~ take on your part. Dark souls 3 has dropped to 18k peak after the second month after relase. That’s about 5 years earlier than “the lastest soulsborne” game existing. Again, look it up

You think shooters are hardcore? HAH
The only reason shooters can survive is because there’s a place for everyone, and hardcore players get their zoomies from being better than the mass of casuals.
Neither pubg or fortnite can be called hardcore games without a smirk on one’s face, especially when a large part of their population is playing on mobile.
You calling these hardcore is enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re not just playing dumb :slight_smile:
The whole point of playing fortnite is not being one of the 90% of the players that die in 1 minute, and trying to rank as high as possible. If there were no casuals there, nobody would play it just to get rekt. Tryhard wannabees wanna have their ego tickled

PS:Also, you seem to be completely unaware that nerfs happen in kr/ru versions as well. It’s most definitely JUST amazon’s fault since they have no say in those

So you dodged my point of the games still having a thriving community nice one.

And how are shooters not even categorised as hardcore, when any context of pvp shooters tends to be hardcore and never casual friendly. I would really like to know your silly definition of what is hardcore and what isn’t. And what is the point of playing fortnite then if not climbing leaderboard ladder to be place rank 1 amongst everyone in the lobby?

An actual point I can make here in reference to MMO’s in specific, which is straying away from our main point rn, is that the fps games I’ve listed are clearly going to fit for both audiences, knowing that the controls of that type of game are simplistic in design, this is clearly not the case for MMO’s and will end up being catered to one group or the other mostly, due to point of having to pay more attention to other stuff in an instance compare to point shooting and situational awareness.

And the nerfs we have aren’t existent in the KR/RU version, this our very own dumbed down version because of how bad the western audience is in terms of games with mechanics driven. So nice assumption into thinking I didn’t know this.

I didn’t dodge your point about the games having a thriving community lmao
They do have a large community. One full to the brim with casuals

You said hardcore games are more successful(which is objectively false)
Then you gave examples of non-hardcore games that are successful(which is stupid)
Then I told you that they’re not hard core so they don’t serve your point
Now you’re saying I dodged the point? No, you made a “point” that does not serve you in any way and I just pointed that out

Hardcore games are mechanically intensive games that also require you to learn alot about them and to get good at them. A point and click is not a mechanic, and you can most definitely sink in hours upon hours by just casually playing a game(such as cs go where only a handful of the players are in a high rank, or fortnite where they actually had to remove skill based matchmaking because the tryhards weren’t getting enough kills - yes, that happened, look it up, and that again, goes to show how you give the most incredibly stupid examples)

MMOs are even further away from being casual-unfriendly. No MMO can survive without players, and for any mmo, casuals make up most of the population. Stating otherwise is stupid.
Only 15% of the players of this game defeated a minimum of 3 guardian raids.
Only 4% of the players finished their second awakening
Only 2.8% of the players ever did a boss rush
Would you say this game relies on hardcore players knowing that only ~3% are even starter t2? Because if you would, again, that’s stupid.

Nitpicking on other versions not having the exact same nerfs is… you guessed it, stupid as well.

And with that, I’ll take my leave. Your comments are just easily disproven word salads. I can’t even dignify them by calling them arguments