Will the chicking festival event be extended?

Will the chicken event be extended for another week?




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rofl, maybe work on that wording a bit

Extending chicken event= another week of Vykas delay… not many players will be happy about that

This is why this post will not get answer soon kekw

I am sure it will plus a new track of login rewards.

Just what we need. Another week of cocks and beers running about.

please no, give new content

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no Vykas, but at least we have chicken?!?

Uhh yea well doesn’t look like that is happening. Kinda sounds like it is being pushed back a little bit.

it was extended already so you want another extend from extended event?

If No vykass then yes, very likely we get extended chicken


The alternative is no chicken event AND no Vykas. It’s not like they can censor Vykas any faster. It’s hard to apply moving jiggling black squares to make things more PG rated.

Nice logic haha… seeing Booba = wipe