Will the Feiton pass give knowledge transfer progression?

Hey guys, currently have 5 char with 1 sleeping in T1 and I am soooo fed up with Rohendel that my Shadowhunter is stuck at Vern.
So, with the Feiton pass next week, will it give me Rohendel/Yorn progression to knowledge transfer my Shadowhunter when I use it on a 6th char?

I hope it will please don’t shatter my dreams :frowning:

Have a nice evening :smiley:

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I do hope that it does! I’d really like to knowledge transfer one of my other classes up too ;_;

I’m not 100% sure on this but I think the Vern ones do that, so I don’t see any reason the Feiton one also wouldn’t.

You acually need to be at least 960+ or least done Yorn/Feiton once due to bots will be using this to T3 which we dont want

It will. Knowledge transfer only checks for characters that completed the story and thats exactly the pass does

Since the character becomes 960 with this power pass it would be the start of Feiton.
Should include finished stories for Vern, Rohandel and Yorn.

About Rohandel your characters can go to ilvl600 and just sail to Yorn and pick up the story there and skip the whole Rohandel story/quests.
You could return another time for Rohandel completion on those characters.

Nah, it’ll complete feiton story too. When you use the Vern pass, you don’t have to do the Vern quest line

Thinking about it Vern was bit of special case with ilvl progression with getting you started on chaos dungeons.
The more steady rule for the next areas was that the story part was started and ended on the same ilvl and then unlocking chaos dungeons to go further.

So yes ilvl960 is also the end of Feiton story and unlocking chaos dungeons to go further from that ilvl.

It will finish the Feiton storyline. If it is like the passes given out on other servers that is and Amazon makes no changes. (Which I do not think they will honestly)

Heads up if you are 600 you can skip Rohendel. You won’t unlock the Chaos Dungeon or Aybasal but you can skip the storyline to Yorn. Same for Felton. Hopefully, this helps!