Will the ingame clock be fixed with the next update?

The clock is still one hour behind in EU Central…

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NA doesn’t have in game time problems, so this will fix by itself in a few months, dw

They might update you about update on fixing the damn clock and you can expect itlong before soon…

since this is only an eu problem, they wont fix it

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Well to be fair they don’t need to fix it we just need to wait for next winter again and it’ll be alright

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The clock is actually showing my UK time so it works :smiley:

dont worry, they will brick it just before that

I would rather have it removed since I’ve been staying later than usual depending on that bs of a clock

the fact that our daily reset is at 11 am is disgusting by itself, we will have this fixed next winter when we will switch to CET again dw

I don’t really understand the technical difficulties you encounter in order to adjust the clock. It makes Lost Ark look like something amateurish, a game that can’t even display the time properly (while it’s a very basic feature) :thinking:

where in the uk do you live because mine is an hour fast

That’s why the downtime is 8 hours. Their devs need to figure out how much to turn the clock

London. In-game clock currently shows 1:08 as does all my clocks in the house.

same here, so the game timer is
1 hour behind

I’m assuming you’re asking us, the community, because AGS only knows how to be silent until 6 hours before a reset. Come back next Thursday for an answer