Will the marketplace or aura ever work in this game?

It’s been days now since I last managed to access the market place. In the meantime we already have thousands of bots grinding out gold and inflating market prices yet I can’t even access Mari’s store to buy stuff I need to progress my character using royal crystals I bought with real money. Probably by the time things work it’ll be 1000 gold for 100 crystals and everyone who hasn’t been no-lifing the game to get to tier 3 in the first week will be at a massive disadvantage because of that.

Crystalline Aura isn’t working either most of the time - will we get compensated for the downtime because I feel like my money is going down the drain every time I see the icon greyed out. This is what I see almost every single day:


All this is getting really annoying and really ridiculous now that it’s the second week and everything is broken yet there is no explanation or roadmap from Amazon. “We’re listening” is the most detailed communication we’ve seen so far and it’s beginning to look like they got thrown into the deep end yet again and don’t know how to handle so many players.

And no, I won’t move to EU West and throw away 150 hours of my progress just because the largest cloud provider in the world can’t get their act together.

Product inventory is also always empty despite saying “2/50” at the top so I’ve not been able to claim the second founders pack or the launch celebration pack.