Will there be 1460 stronghold honing buffs?

Hi @Roxx, do you think we will be getting the 1460 stronghold buff with the update?

This info would be great to share if you have it because It would change how people progress their characters.


Someone has already made this exact post.

thanks for sharing man, didn’t see it.

Not yet.

I literally linked the same thing 2 comments up? Not sure why you commented the same thing again?

Roxx said no

You didn’t post her last response :slight_smile:

Why do people even expect that we would get it in the first place? Not gonna happen until Vykas or even clown.

They’re not talking about the generic honing buffs, they’re talking about the one you unlock from the stronghold like the one you get for 1302-1370 when you hit 1385, for Alts

I know that they are talking about the Stronghold Research, and it makes zero sense to except it with valtan when it’s locked to 1460 and also didn’t came with valtan in other regions.

I think it’s safe to assume it will come with the 1460 content (vykas hard)

So I would plan for this, but keep in mind that it may not - in which case you’ll have to choose whether you wish to push alts to 1415+ without it.