Will there be a review of policy that lead up to the massive false ban?

Will there be a review of the policy or procedure that lead up to this debacle? What assurances will AGS/LostArk have that this does not happen again in the future. At this point though I supported AGS by preordering both Lost Ark and New World, I am extremely unlikely to purchase any more titles in the future out of fear that another mistake will nuke my over decade old Steam account.

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Hi @boozie2600

Hope you are doing well!

I’m sorry for the frustration about this issue with the bans.

About your question, I will be passing this to the team to take under consideration your opinion about this. However I can confirm to you that the policy will receive a change or anything like that but in case that this happen we will let you know about it in the News section of the Forum.

I also would like to share the post they made about this situation with the false bans.

I would like to share as well the link of the feedback section if you like to share your thoughts and feedback to improve the game.

Here is the link:

Hope this information help you! :wolf: