Will there be a season 2 in pvp?

Hello @Roxx,

do you know if there will be a season 2 and if so could you please make a forecast when?

As I am still playing LOA just because of the pvp (no strings attached compared to pve), I would like to know it with regard to buying skins.

I consider not buying any further skins until I definitvely know there will be a season 2 no matter when, however the sooner the communication the better.

Thanks and Cheers.

Why u thinks will be no next sesson?

There will indeed be a second season of PvP – no ETA given yet, but it is planned and in the pipeline to happen!

Probably because they seemed to not even half-ass the pvp. It’s like quarter assed and then they just unceremoniously surprised everyone with an end date out of nowhere randomly that doesn’t even coincide with any major event.

Maybe it would have made sense if like it was a precursor to some major PvP balance patch. But it was like they had an office party and had a dog throw at a dart board.

As indicated by the fact that there isn’t even a general idea of when they’re starting Season 2. Not even a ballpark month.

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What does half or quarter ass mean? Dont understand in terms of translation.

I just had the feeling that they wouldnt have a second pvp season. There arent a lot of players anymore and by the latest opinion poll the didnt address the pvp problem at all.

Also, I might have already forgotten that there was a game if the break between the seasons is to big as I have already lost interest in the hard grinding lame repetitive pve.

Edit: But thats just my opinion. Things are interesting to me as long as I can learn something from it or as long as I experience a wonderful story with nice animations. So pvp is still something I can learn from like solving a riddle and watching funny animations.

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To half ass something is to do something with the minimal amount of effort and no amount of care.

Quarter ass would be a theoretical point less than that

Did the team ever realized that competitive matchmaking is never worked properly? And it is completely closed for the last 4 months. I sit on a 2 hours queue with matchmaking errors to see and it is completely unplayable. I wonder did you or someone from team ever try to play a match?

Do you think that this team can fix this error in a time period this game is still alive ?

This topic is opened on April. Its 5 months you guys are acting like blind and do not care anything about a major part of the game.

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i appreciate your answer. for some of us though we maintained our supreme 8 ranking so we can buy all the mats from pvp. please dont take long to decide when season 2 is. we need the mats. its the best source of mats in the game. better than guild

Its a shame they threat their players like this

So they’ll tell you about Scouter a week in advance but 2 weeks without a pvp season and still no news on season 2?

I am frustrated but now just grinding other content and learning alts until further news

Please give us an approximate date asap, three weeks later and still no news.

It’s on Wednesday.

Wednesday feel like it.

well bring a decent pvp balance together, because the last one cant even be considered a balance… there are classes doing tons of damage with single skills.
this is my review after more than 1300 matches, I played most classes and focused on sharpshooter since I like the challenge and dont like to play OP classes, but even liking challenges, this class is beyond bad
I wish they could give sharpshooter some love because that class is in need of a HUGE buff.
im not kidding, this class sucks big time.
we lack speed, protection and damage
the 2 decent skills we have are under high conditions to do decent damage -crit and huge cooldown(Snipe, Charged shot), the skill ‘‘Sharpshooter’’ is the slowest skill to release in the entire game paired with arrow wave.
we have nearly no protection, we have no stagger, we lack range in all skills, yes, even snipe is dependent on tripod to increase range, otherwise is comparable to any other class range, the protected skills we have are to run but not enough to run from fighters, sorcerers and gunslingers/deadeyes because of their almost endless dashes with low cooldowns
play shapshooter is a sweat, because we need to be a freaking genius to play it good while other classes are very easy to proc high damage due to its high natural damage and protections/speed/design to land.

season 2 better come out soon or pvp is dead water

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isnt it dead already? whats the point of doing it now anyway

previously at least it was a shop for honing mats for like 10-20 games a week, less if you are on a low pop server

shop is still there just no weekly reward, thats why im asking if its not dead already since many others and me included just stopped doing arena since no weekly reward

it is, but when s2 come out it won’t be, u get my point right