Will there be chaos dungeon on South Vern release?

Pretty much title, the roadmap mentions guardian, valtan in May, but South Vern in April, are we getting Chaos dungeons from South Vern in April aswell ?
As in, are we gonna be able to get Relic accessories / stones when it comes out ?

Thanks to anyone who knows :slight_smile:

Yes and they give more silver and mats similarly to feiton vs yorn, rohendel vs vern

I believe the 1430… maybe 1445? ones can drop relics.

It isn’t in the patch notes, any source for that information ? ISince guardian isn’t’ getting released, i wonder.

we are getting guardians though?

its possible they’ll unlock with south vern but theres also a very real possibility they’ll be held back for the valtan release.

with so few people at 1415, they likely dont see a point in releasing a 1415 chaos dungeon. but only time will tell.