Will there be gay NPCs ingame anytime?


I want to discuss with you about a topic, maybe not everyone will agree with or some people even will misunderstand it. I want to clear one thing first: I do not demand any changes or force anything on players. I just want to share my perspective and experience with the game and talk about an honest wish.

In my time at university I learned many things about gender and how different gender are in terms of stress management. There is of course not the “all females act like this, and all males act like that”, there is just a template to try to reach as many people as possible. So if I talk about “Females” or “Males”, I mean the average. Some Males use female stress management strategies and vice versa.
While Females tend to act more self-destructive and blame themselves for the mistakes, males tend to be more external. They tend to be more aggressive or more likely to use an addiction in compensation. For example: Drugs, gambling or Videogames.

And this is why I want to talk with you about this topic. Videogames are used as a stress management method. So people that has troubles in real life, can’t find understanding or have a rough time, use videogames to “survive” that time. In Videogames you can be whatever you want. You can create a character that fits to you. A Character you can identify with. Someone you want to be, or you wish to be. A super strong Warrior, a super smart Mage, a sneaky Assassin or a helping Supporter. While this game decided to have a gender lock, they messed this identify stuff up a little bit, since Gender is a main topic that is necessary to identify with. It’s hard to identify yourself as a male with your female mage and vice versa.

Yet there is also a thing that is probably overlooked. Its sexuality. Yes, I know, it’s a game. Sexuality has nothing to do In it and yet here we are, be able to sexualize our characters pretty hard, letting all those female Characters in Nia village (or even around the world) flirt with you, or even have sex with Sasha. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame this. No, actually I think it is totally fine and we don’t need to change it, because there are many straight boys/man that wants to see that and also need to see that.
But what I want to talk about is more diversity and decision making. I finished the Rapport Quest with Sasha and wanted to 1800g … yet it felt insanely weird for me – as a gay man – to let my character sleep with a girl. I had no options to just deny it. Even though I didn’t see it, the hints were pretty obvious. Also I think it weird that my character has to play with all those flirting. It forces MY character into heteronormativity and makes him straight even though I would love him to not be.

Like I said: I don’t want the flirt part to leave, nor I want that we only can flirt as male chars with males, and as female chars with female. I just want to say, that I would love if there is the option for me, as a gay person with a male char, to actually flirt with the male chars in game and reject the females.
Why is this actually important?
Like I said, Boys tend to use Video games as a stress management. There are many gay boys out in this world, and some play this game. Yet they see, that their love doesn’t fit in Arkesia. Only if you play female chars and let female chars have a crush on you. It makes it very hard for gay boys/man to identify with their characters and will leave a weird feeling. “Even here, I don’t fit.” But I doubt that this is true. I think that Arkesia is a world for everyone and everyone will be accepted and loved here, right?
There was a moment I had a bit hope about that topic, but in the end, it actually hurt a bit:
I finished rapport with Zinnervale and in the last Quest he asked me, why I do care so much about him. I had the possibility to “confess him my love”, and he – obviously – rejected me, told me he is not into man, but if he would, he would probably date me.
That’s pretty cute and well managed, yet it hurts since this answer is not the first many of us got. Its always the same. We like someone and they reject us because they are not gay. It opens a fresh wound. So I wished in a videogame, this would change.

But how I said: I won’t force them to make Zinnervale or Thirain or anyone else gay, I just would wish for more diversity.
I also wanted to point out that creating a bit gay romance, does have a good influence on the self-identification stuff. Also I wanted to point out, that Videogames does have impact into our lives and that they should take sensitive topics very serious. You don’t know how much you can help people with such simple stuff.




i will just report this shit, the game its at worst state with 600k bots, RMT, Cm’s that ignore post, AGS/smilegate that ignore feedback and do the opposite and a twitter mental want to have his sexual fantasy to be answered


Good luck man. I’m not saying I disagree with what you’re saying, but we just saw what happens to threads like this not too long ago.

Yes, I doubt the two first answer even read what I said. But thanks

And for me you’d be wrong. As someone who has been in the threads that get nuked time and time again. I’m not the reason the threads get locked or deleted lol.

Every npc is bi in this game because they obviously response the same no matter player is male or female.


That is right, that’s why I ask especially for male NPCs.

I just would love to see more diversity, not to force anything on people.

But do you understand that these are different topics? While one part is the game design team, the other part is a crisis management one? What exactly is the problem in sharing a different perspective, only you think it is not “worth it”?

If you had read what I said, it is far more than “sexual fantasy”. Why are you so full of hate? No one demands to take anything away from you.

EDIT: Removed due to ignorance.

But that is not even the topic. Like I said: I don’t want to FORCE or DEMAND anything here. I just share MY perspective. That people respond that extreme here is actually a very insane sign.

Let me put that clear: What I would wish is MORE OPTIONS. Why f.E. couldn’t Zinnervale accept the love request? I mean, Sasha does and even has sex with you. The - let me take the word of the first response - sexual fantasy of heterosexuals are pretty much everywhere. But if I suggest that maybe, a bit more diversity would be cool too and does have impact on lives - outside of yours - people react insanely aggressive.

No one wants to take anything away from you. No one wants to make your char gay. What exactly is the problem here?

EDIT: I’m going to remove/rescind my replies, I think they are ignorant to some points.


I mean, the game gives your male character a chance to ask for Thirain’s hand in marriage…


I do understand that, but let me turn that argument around:

For now, heterosexuality is forced on us. Like I said: I had no option (except rejecting 1800g) to not sleep with Sasha, I always have to accept that my char flirts with every female char in the game. So your subjective opinion what is “right” is forced on me currently. - and this is actually not fair or cool, that’s why you and others act that intense.

So if you are allowed to act that intense, I guess gay people do have the same right to feel like this, right?

How I said. No one would take anything away from anyone. Its nothing about force and it has way more impact on lifes than just “its sexual fantasy”. Videogames are not just games. Videogames are a valve to escape real life. We got enough discrimination and needs to hide in real life. So why don’t let gay people have the same feeling and enjoyment flirting with NPCs like all of you guys do?

This really is not ment to make arkesia gay. Really not. We all need to chill a bit. I don’t suggest censorship or want the world to get changed. I would love to ADD something.

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I really dislike the “Videogames are a escape from reality” concept.

Thanks to this, so many people forget video games are just games that look to entertain you and tell you a story.

I get people take pride and fun on pretending to be something they aren’t thanks to the anonymous character of the internet, but honestly, everytime I see that argument, I cannot help but really devaluate whatever might come next.

About the post. Can’t you Alt + n and claim rewards if it made you feel awkward or just skip? There is no need for you to see a scene that implies your character might have further intentions with a gender you don’t favour.

Should be a bit obvious with sasha as she literally asks you to elope. Guess rapporting her results on a ring, lol.

Sadly, many asian cultures are pretty reserved on their opinions regarding sexuality unlike this side of the globe and iirc korean is also more in the “Traditional” culture which is why this might not be available as the development of the game happens there.

We as the players must understand that many decisions on games are based on the creators’ original ideas, cultures, thoughts and wishes. While I support the idea of making changes to make all type of players feel more welcomed, we must also respect if they decide not to consider those ideas.

And there is no need to bring “Games are escapes from reality” as an argument when games just look to entertain and make money. You could remove the entire part of this and stress management and your message would be conveyed more directly and concise than trying to grasp bits of “Oh, that is true”.

Most people don’t bother reading a small patch note and adding those unnecessary reasonings make the paragraph longer and they close the tab already. Specially if it’s a “Controversial” topic like sexuality because people also take advantage of that anonymous aspect of internet to be jerks.


I do understand that point, but it actually is a real theory.

Lothar Böhnisch, honored sociologist, wrote about this in many of his books.
If you are very happy in your life and feel like this about video games, I’m very glad! If you got another valve in your life, it’s even better, but it doesn’t change the fact that video games does have a role in impacting people. Especially those who fell into addiction.

Everything else you said, I do support!

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Just to clarify: The reason I brought up the influence ordeal is because I’ve witnessed this happened through other games, like World of Warcraft, and how social influence caused one group to feel loved and others to feel like they’re losing out.

It’s a very tricky thing.

I understand. This is why I tried to phrase that topic as sensitive as possible. I know its controversial and I do understand that especially heterosexual man feel very pressure in this world. You get blamed for everything, and you need to change. You are the evil, and you get told this by every chance. But while I don’t support those statements, I also don’t want to attack you or take away your world.

I just want to add something in it, that mostly doesn’t affect you anyway. No force.

I personally would enjoy this game way more, if my character could be openly gay, and do flirt with males instead of females. I always have to skip scenes in nia, since I don’t care about those stuff.
It doesn’t make me play less, but it always makes me feel: Hm, where is my way of love in this game?


Theories are not axioms. They still lack veracity to be taken as truth. And is pretty worse if it’s about humans because every single one of us will never have the same experiences.

Games have a lot of uses, I myself helped a friend on his thesis creating a game for rehab purposes for a local hospital. But the main goal is always entertaining the player making things fun and enjoyable.

An escape from reality sounds like a way to evade recognizing the problems are out there and we must face it.

I used games to get fun apart from parental physical and psychological abuse. I didn’t play to escape from the reality that was latent everytime. But I used to give a bit of color to my life. That’s not an escape because we always have to return to it :confused:

I don’t deny it impacts many lives. But the concept of reality escape is more damaging than helpful.

Pd: I will keep an eye for that author. Sounds like an interesting read

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