Will there be more classes soon?

When I look at the classes and see the Sorc, Soul, Gunlancer and Berserker, those 4 really look like they’re doing some damage and with the remaining set of classes, they all just look like cosmetic covers that really don’t do much damage and really don’t look like they’re useful.

If you play one of the other classes and really enjoy it and it doesn’t actually perform tons of damage can you give me a little insight into it please and what it is like.

At this moment I really don’t see the point of wasting the PowerPass on something else.

I started with the Bard because I thought I would be able to heal others but since it looks like it’s only available when the x becomes available, it is really pointless at healing, unless I am missing something from another spell that I somewhat missed.

So are more classes being added?

Roxx said: Just 15 classes at launch, but more will be added in over the months to come after launch.


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“The other classes look just like cosmetic covers that don’t really do much damage”
Lists Soul Fist (apparently doesn’t do good damage outside of their “Spirit Bomb” ult) and Gunlancer (is a dps but doesn’t do as much DPS as the pure dps classes)


I’m not sure what you are trying to say. You might wanna look up some youtube videos on the classes because it would seem as you are either misinformed or not informed at all. Are you judging the classes based on what they look like or something?

Apparently, you answered the question yourself. You read/heard that more classes are being released in the coming months after launch so I’m not really sure what the point of this post is.
Not trying to be rude but this post seems a bit confusing.

There are other classes being released, including Reaper, Destroyer, Lancemaster, Arcana and maybe 1 or 2 more, I can’t recall every single one.


There’s … a lot of classes.
Something like… 22 then a new category: Specialists that has 1 currently and 1 planned.
Then eventually both genders for everything

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some classes until T3 arent complete because they lack the stats (specialization or agi based )

u think sorc berserker doing more dmg because u think mage and big 2h does good dmg , like GiftofGab3 said u think they are good based on how they look lol

i have seen strikers , hawkeyes and deadeye gaining mvp , if u know the mechanics u are going to do good on anyclass

the sorc looks amzing with meteos fireballs ,but if she is running for his life 50% of the time…

the zerker is badass no doubt , but he used 2 rezs already …doh!

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Thank you for the reply. What classes are you running?

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I’m running Deathblade right now.
Lancemaster later

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I honestly want more mages. Right now you really don’t have an option. Only one offensive mage and a Supportive mage, that’s pretty much it. its really disappointing only having one real option and constantly facing your mirror counterpart because that’s the only Offensive mage option on the list, so everyone who wants to play an offensive caster just rolls Sorcs.

The specialist class is a breath of fresh air, because its kind of the other kind of casting type class but with a twist. So i am looking forward to Painting and future classes. But only having one real mage to play gets old fast you know?

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I really would like a male ninja , male lance master and female summoner. I don’t even know who to use a power pass on. Deathblade and sorc are just cringe.

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Don’t you talk about Sorceress like that! You…you are cringe!:triumph:

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I don’t think sorcs are as fun as Summoner, I expected a bit more from the class itself. Still like it, just thought I would enjoy it more than summoner. Dam wish I had summoner or was given a chance to try arcana.

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I main Soul Fist but I dabble in a few classes, like Berserker, Shadowhunter and most recently tried Sharpshooter and while I don’t normally like bow and arrow classes, I’m actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. We shall see if I stick with it though.

I like all the martial artist classes tbh. I would play Striker or Wardancer but I mainly enjoy pvp and the lack of superarmors, along with the fact they are mostly melee, makes me wanna learn the game on a more forgiving class. Even if I am maining Soul Fist and that class isn’t considered easy but it is super fun.

There are currently some classes missing, such as:

  • Reaper (RU/KR)
  • Artist (currently only available on Korea)
  • Summoner (RU/KR)
  • Arcana (RU/KR)
  • Lance Master (RU/KR)
  • Destroyer (RU/KR)
  • Scouter (RU/KR)

Not sure when will they come out, but since they were released on RU some time after KR release, I’m assuming the same will happen with the NA/EU servers.

Just a matter of time essentially.


Thank you