Will there be more Mokoko skins in the future?

I’ve claimed the Winter Mokoko Skin on my WD. Even since I got my Destroyer to 1370, I’ve been enjoying the class so I bought the inflatable hammer skin. I want to match with a Mokoko skin for this hammer. Please Amazon, see if Smilegate will give us another opportunity to get the Mokoko Skin on an another character.

I was praying for board and pet as i didn`t knew about the destroyer class back then. Now waiting only for the pet :slight_smile:

Yeah. Thatll be my exact setup but with the green mokoko skin with the top hat and monicle. Im seriously just waiting to open all those chests. I still have all my originals, thr first board, the mokoko skin, the pet. I want the top hat monicle, with the air ballon hammer. That is giga destroyer for realsies. Im just hoping to hold it until eventually it ends up in the chest.

We are. Korea has gotten the Mokoko pack 4 times now.
Usually done in celebratory or milestone moments.