Will there ever be a region transfer from na-e to na-w?

I’d be willing to pay upwards of $50 for the service to play with friends since the ones that started with left. You can limit it to once a month or 3 or something if you’re worried about the market stuff, i just wanna play with my friends.

EUW players asked this like a thousand times already and only got non-answers. I am interested if NA gets a different answer if any at all. :popcorn: :thinking:

praying for both of us, judging from my friends experience with new world they didn’t do it but it feels like such an indie game thing to not include…

Sorry if you got the wrong intention from my statement. I am playing on EUC. I just saw a lot of threads from people that want to swap and like to watch them to see if there’s any proper answers.

I still hope it happens though. Server transfers are a service that modern MMOs should provide. Or at least a server merge for dead reagions so people can actually use the marketplace.

There was a post from roxx i just cant remember where. But she basically said the team is still working on it

Eventually, yes, but most likely towards the fall/winter of 2022 or even early 2023.

i just hope its sooner rather than later, it sucks reading them all playing together and having fun and my only choice is to start over and do it without my cards and other horizontal stuff