Will Tripod Inventory be apart of Integrated Presets in next week's Patch

Sorry if its been asked, just would like to know if this qol feature will be apart of the update.

Thank you.

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I fail to understand how this would be useful in anyway, please enlighten.

You could have different tripods for different builds, but in it’s current state, you can only change gems, build, and gear…so it would actually make more sense if different tripod inventories could match up with those. It’s already done in Korea. Just 2 builds could be one for chaos dungeons and one for solo target.

I must be slightly understanding the tripod inv wrong then since I thought you can only save one page of tripods. Or how exactly would you go about having 2 setups?

There are multiple pages, so you can have multiple sets of tripods on one set of armor. You can do it now, just tedious because you have to go to the tripod vendor each time and if its just for chaos dungeons it is far too tedious and outweighs doing it.

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