Will Valtan bring 20-25?

Do ya’ll think NA will change it and make +20-25 available on release so whales keep spending money or wait till brelshaza like other regions?

No. We are staying at +20 max.

Neither are confirmed TBH…

No one got +25 with Valtan and his relic gear so why would our region be different?
+20 is 1490 and there won’t be even any content for that in the game so what’s the point of releasing +25? Unless you are one of these foil hats “AMAZON GREEDY, ONLY WANTS MORE MONEY!!” so you can also believe that they will release +45 to get money from the whales.

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Because a lot about our region/version is different. So it’s a valid question none the less.

would be nice, i wanna go for +25 weapon

Hm, i believe Relic gear is supposed to go to 25 tho

Different sure. But most definitely no content above 1490 that I’m aware of.

Since relic gear goes to +25 why would it not go to +25 in our region

relic will be +25 but you will spend more gold than wait for ancient gear and upgrade again it because your +20 item will be +15 in ancient gear (i know for ancient gear we will need to wait until Abrelshud (brelshaza) and maybe will be for the 1st year of NA/EU lost ark)

Does it go to +25 on other regions on release? I don’t know much about it. If it did, then sure, we might get +25. I honestly don’t care either way. Doesn’t really affect me. I’m not getting to +20 or +25 anytime soon anyways.

Thats brelshaza gear

Relic on valtan should also go to +25

Relic gear goes up to +25.
Afterwards you replace it with Abrelshud/Brelshaza Raid Ancient Gear.