Will we be getting the 1460 honing buff research?

Will we be getting the research to hone our alts to 1415 that unlocks at 1460?

Also, what tiers of chaos dungeons are we getting? Are we getting the full S Vern chaos dungeon up to 1475 or is it stopping at 1445?

I’m assuming we get all of the above but was hoping for some clarification.


@Roxx any information on this?

Anyone have any idea on this?

We didn’t get any official info so no one knows.
From what I have heard in KR it was released with the Vykas or whatever she is called - next Region Raid but someone said that in the RU version buff arrived with the Valtan :person_shrugging:
Anyone I just chill with my alts on 1370-1385 until more info.