Will we ever get Beatrice's Blessing?

For those that don’t know, Beatrice’s Blessing is like Nineveh’s Blessing but you get rewards for staying on the game for a certain amount of time every day. In Russia you can get Pheons, a life skill refill potion, honing materials(not much), phoenix feathers, yoz jar cloth, and a few other things I can’t remember off the top of my head for playing for 90 minutes a day. You end up getting 3 pheons a day if you choose them for one of the rewards and would help a lot with people’s lack of pheons as well as add in another way to obtain them that isn’t wait for events or buying from the shop


AGS/SG: That sounds like free stuff. We dont do that here

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Skins aren’t free, but they don’t do that here anyway
People asking for skins-
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Don’t forget that each class also has a handful of skins you can make with cloth and you are guaranteed to make them as long as you have the corresponding achievement such as killing Argos 10 times :slight_smile:

oh no…

if it happens, how can people ever

Grow a lawn inside your room, better Copium intake due to clean air

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