Will we get another power pass?

When destroyer comes out will we get another power pass, or will we have to level?
It would be fine either way, but I would like to know so I can start farming t1 mats if I need too
cause I plan on destroyer being my main, but I want to hit t3 day 1 if I can.

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Or just make powerpass already purchasable in store, please.


as KR players said, they got powerpass everytime a new class got released. So hopefully we do get it aswell

But KR didn’t get a new class every month… so it’s very hard to say. And on top of the fact that powerpass was mentioned for April roadmap but not May…


Probably Punika Powerpass. Maybe a 1370 Super Express too…

I called Feiton Powerpass long before it was announced, it only makes sense.


Yeah, it would be nice to get another one even if they added it into the shop.
I would be happy to buy one, but I hope they don’t charge $60 a boost like wow that is kind of crazy in my opinion.

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I’d take one. GG Smilegate. You successfully made it to where I would pay money to just straight up skip honing and the first handful of continents so I don’t have to do that stuff for the 12th time. Also I only have one Vern knowledge transfer left…


i would personally feel more a “easy honing” for t1/t2 (the 100% and getting 2 rank at once) for may.

the fact the feiton powerpass last until june 30, and express also makes me feel it is meant also for destroyer. Nothing said about it? they improved in communication a little… just a little ^^’

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I would be fine with easier honing Aswell I was just wondering so I can start saving up t1 mats.

It just feels kind of bad honing, my main is 1390 and as a f2p player I feel like I get 1 hone per week kind of nuts. Like my weapon is +11 and I have missed all my +12 tries and it feels bad watching streamers and whales swiping a card and what feels like them hitting everything. Now I honestly don’t care what they do with their money I don’t care if they are 1490 doesn’t matter to me what does matter is hitting 1415 and it feels impossible tbh.

No one cares if you are F2P or not. If anything, F2P players are worse for not supporting the game they are playing.

Fyi there are f2p players that are 1450+ already.

F2P players are worse for not supporting the game? Like really? Maybe they dont support the game because of bots invasion? Because they dont want to pay for this? I could spent my money too in this game but im not doing this untill they sort bots situation out. They literally do nothing about this, oh sorry they do, they nerf everything around and raise required ilvl for stuff, so fair players gets punished and bots keeps living in paradise.
Im not gonna pay for army of bots or radio silence stuff that dont know how to communicate properly with community, If i see changes like any changes to bots situation then i can pay without problem. But work is not done means no payment for it. IRL if you want money you need to work for it, you cant just sit and observe sky to get it. Anyone who spend their money on game now means they approve what is going on and they are fine with it. So enjoy all the bots and enjoy all the nerfs, thats what you’re paying for right now.


Tldr: im broke.

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When I say f2p I mean I don’t buy stuff to progress I still support the game through cosmetics I bought the platinum founders pack and every skin that I can when I have the money to support the game I love, but why should I support a game anymore that is a washed down version of the game we have grown to love watching in Korea and Russia again I love the game and I hate complaining but at the same time there is a lot they are doing wrong with the western release of this game.

That was not my point, my point was it (FEELS) impossible to get to 1415 for multiple reasons and can you show me where you got that statistic, please thanks.