Will we get compensation for EUC?

3 weeks of queues, not working matchmaking and crystaline aura. Can we get something nice for that?

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The compensation was to move to EUW back in the days

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Not worth it at all, I am glad I didnt move. Now EUC is working well.

Having the queues gone, matchmaking & everything else finally working is plenty for me ~


Wel. you profited from the players moving to EUW. They get compensated, you get to keep your char.

We got a mount and some other thinks I don’t remember now.

No queues and working matchmaking, the game is very enjoyable now and F2P.

If you really think they moved, you are completely wrong.

EU-West was only interesting for mainly newer players that haven’t had 200hours+ in the game.
EU-West would tell me as a german person “that is where my people play”, which is why a lot of guilds actually have issues now in EU-Central as there are literally only a handful people playing there due to YouTube-videos they discover now + not being on the “streamer-servers” reduces the amount of new players.

In addition let’s look at Wednesday 21:00 / 9PM Steam Charts CCU (Concurrent Users) for 5 weeks

  1. Feb 2022 = 499.410 (Pre-Release)
  2. Feb 2022 = 1.133.805 (Post-Release)
  3. Feb 2022 = 948.087
  4. Mar 2022 = 819.047
  5. Mar 2022 = 804.873

The amount of users obviously reduced itself by 29,02%

This was expected, as the game got a lot of hype, a lot of streamers played it and brought in a lot of people who wanted to play with the streamers.

Streamers usually stay 1 - 2 weeks in a game and leave as something new gets released and they have to bring new content.

In addition the performance issues may have driven off a lot of players that actually tried to play the game.

In the press release I received on Tuesday they stated that Lost Ark gets played by 20 million people globally, while 10 million are split into Europe, North America, South America and Australia, while 4,7 million accounts got created within the first 3 days.

Which meanse the other 5 million accounts (probably all accounts, no matter what kind of status they have [bots, banned, etc.]) have been created in a timespan of 30 - 35 days.

If you really think the eu-west “compensation” (if you even can call it that as it left a lot of previous-spenders out of the image) did something impactful here, you are just lying to yourself.

So , there you have your “nice” thing .

There is no Q for a week, MM is flawless last week same as crystalinne Aura.
I am from Zinnervale.

Wut mate? It feels like you are late for party…