Will we get Region Transfer one Day?

So it’s 1am Saturday Night and i just did Chaos Gate with 13 other Players on EUW. No Secret that it’s the emptiest region among all others because of the later release.
I really enjoy this Game and want to play it long term but with that being said i don’t see the point if Region Transfers won’t be a thing in one or two years because our Servers will be empty af. I haven’t seen one single statement by officials about this topic and it feels really bad playing this game not knowing what is going to happen in the future.
Would love to get some information from @Roxx about this topic or another official.
Ofc it will take some time but just knowing it will happen one day would increase the quality of my gaming experience a lot.
Keep up the good work <3


also this

Yes. Just wait for Lost Ark 2

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