Will we get skin like this?

Hello, im opening this thread again (4th thread with similiar topic in 3 weeks) because i still havent gotten any response from a mod about this.
Im wondering, with the amount of censoring we have in the game and words like “panties” getting censored in a 18+ game, if we will get skins like this in our version of the game?

its just an image from google from one of the skins of the korean version.

Will we get stuff like this or just fully clothed?


If the NPCs currently wear these I’m sure we will get the Bikini ones too.


I don’t know mate … don’t know… xD

I think they’ll release these during summer as limited availability skins. Makes total sense from a businesses perspective.

If they released them now as permanent skins I’d probably buy one. As limited? I’d buy them all.

Bro they arn’t even giving all the classes new skins today, they forgot that the set they are giving us doesn’t have all of them, they forget so many facts you think they are going to remember what you want?

How does the new skin look like cant find it anywhere. I hope we get some cool looking skin, the current we have is trash. its sad that we have so few skins, the shop should swim in different skins.

It’s Amazon we’re talking about. You’ll have plenty of ways to spend your hard earned cash.

And it’s quite possible they’ll stick to the good old limited event skins. Same as League of Legends does it. And they don’t do it to appreciate you being there during that time of the event. They do it because these create a false sense of urgency. And it works like a charm, literally printing money.

True, we have some crappy skins now. But after 4 weeks from the release I’m just glad I no longer have 20k queues on Kadan EU. Baby steps are cool for me.