Will we get skins like this?

Hello im wondering, with the amount of censoring we have in the game and words like “panties” getting censored in a 18+ game, if we will get skins like this in our version of the game?

its just an image from google from one of the skins of the korean version.

Will we get stuff like this or just fully clothed?

@Jormungandrh why not answer my question instead of moving my thread from support to feedback? Which btw this isnt feedback its a question

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Hello @rav91,

In regards to why I moved your post as you can see in the description of the category of Game Support:


Your post was not regarding any issues or technical difficulties so your post won’t get the attention from the correct staff, you question is regarding a skin model and skin censorship in general which is why it was moved to this category where it will received the correct attention, so you can get your answer! :dragon_face:


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