Will we have the legendary skins this year?

I really like the season 1 legendary skins but I don’t feel like they would ever be released considering even the season 2 ones are not gonna be here anytime soon now. But still… Is it possible to get some good looking legendary skins before next year? Can CMs help us ask/estimate… thanks

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Nope. You all whined and cried so they decided to remove Yoz Jar. Like a parent would discipline their child, Smilegate has decided that NA/EU will not be getting legendary skins or the purple skins that come with it at this time.

Some delusional people think that AGS will find a “friendly” way to release the skins. News flash: Smilegate would never allow. They will not risk alienating their main player base (KR) by caving to a child(na/eu) throwing a fit. Sometimes, you need to learn a lesson and this is just your first one. Wanna whine about shit? Don’t be surprised when your toys are taken away.


We all already know the answer as the CM already addressed this. It is not planned to be brought to global any time soon.

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No, unless Amazon and Smilegate gets their shit together, which they won’t.

Anyone who has ever worked a job in their life knows the response Roxx gave practically means “Never”.

So good job f2p whiners, enjoy your ugly ass Stern and Umar outfits.

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I honestly don’t trust anything regarding the time Roxx says now. No plan basically means never to me.

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we arent getting legendary skins anymore since apparently we cant have lootboxes in the game according to the playerbase

cough cardpacks

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We won’t get it and don’t deserve


Sadge ikr… if you check my previous posts

I still have hope (copium) that CMs do see the posts asking for it after the update but maybe the copium is too high

Indeed. People don’t even check if they can get the jar with blue crystal smh…

Guess not. Lmao.

they should just add it for 20k royal crystals or sth like that