Will we keep our Royal Crystals if we end up switching to the new EU region?

I’ve bought a Platinum Founder’s Pack which came with 7000 Royal Crystals. I thought the pack itself contained the currency and I needed to open it in order to add them to my account but nope. Yesterday I found out that they’ve been already added to my account balance, despite me saving my pack for when I’ll finally know which server I’ll settle on and which character I’m going to main.

So my question is: are Royal Crystals cross-region? I get the gut feeling they’re not… And if I’m right, does this mean I’ll lose out on a whopping 7000 Royals if I move to the new EU region once it comes out? Honestly, with all the issues regarding the servers I didn’t make any real progress on any of my characters yet, so switching servers is definitely an option for me IF I get to keep my crystals.

@Roxx (or any other CM) could you please clear this up for me?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

As it stands nothing is cross region

Wait, have you claimed your packs on any hero? I haven’t claimed anything and I was hoping I can do it all on the new region.

If I remember correctly, when I purchased a pack, I received the chest in the game reclaim area but the royal crystals were added to my account before reclaiming anything. In that case, how was determined the region I planned to play in, if the royal crystals are region based? Are you sure it’s not global?

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I thought crystals were account-wide but it would make sense if they weren’t. Since you can exchange your currencies to buy crystals/sell your crystals for gold, you could just go to the cheapest region, buy crystals and then go to the most expensive region and sell crystals

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Royal crystals are account-wide, blue crystals are server-wide.

Source: I’ve tested.


Except that’s not possible, because there’s no regional pricing.

I didn’t mean purchasing for real money, I meant exchanging your currencies on the market

No, I have not. I thought the crystals were inside the chest but as @Styks mentioned, they were added to my account anyway.

Well that’s neat! It would have been a troll move if this wasn’t the case. But looking at our 3 day “head start”… :roll_eyes:

Yes, I’ve noticed that the Royal Crystals are cross-region although the blue crystals are not…

I’m thinking the only way to take advantage of your crystals on another server would be to purchase a crystalline aura as I believe this is cross-region also…

That’s a fair point. Everything in the shop you can buy with blue crystals is “untradable” and “bound to the roster” (server). But the crytalline aura is supposed to be account-wide, so there could be a possibility to buy it on any server with blue crystals and use it across the account? I haven’t tried it yet.

I’ve not tried it yet either but I’d assume it’d work like that - It may be the only option for people swapping to EU-WEST

I’ll let this page know if I take the plunge when the new region comes out

I am not able to log in and check now, but after all, does it turn out that there is something that got region/server bound even if we haven’t claimed any packs? I see you guys are talking about some blue crystals - not sure what those are, but will we be able to get them on the new region if nothing has been claimed yet?

Yes, everything you buy with blue crystals is server-bound even before you redeem/claim it. It will be in your product inventory, but you’ll be able to redeem it only with a character on that server.

There are 2 kinds of crystals, the Royal Crystals (white) you can get with your real money, and the blue crystals, you can get by selling/exchanging gold, or by spending your royal crystals.